Weekend fun..

It was a big weekend for us. Saturday I went to a Pink Zebra rally with a friend from work. I ended up signing up to become a distributor- I love their products! While there- I was entered to win a free kit for signing up that day! I won! That told me it was a sign I am supposed to be a distributor. If you want to check the stuff out- Pink Zebra Site. They have some amazing scents and beautiful shades for their warmers. My whole house smells amazing- and I can’t wait to see what this journey brings!

After having a nice time without kids- this momma needed it! Don’t get me wrong I love my kids- but I definitely needed some me time! Hubby and I started working on a goat pen for some goats. Post on that to come later. We got the goat home done.

Sunday Funday- was picking up our goat pair, and celebrating Sheldon’s birthday. I have an 11 year old y’all. We had a busy weekend, and it won’t get any slower! I love being busy right now!

So how did your weekend go? Enjoy our pictures!

Sheldon’s Birthday cake!
Mj and Kevin- the new addition to the homestead!
Tooty surprised me- she has taken up with the kids!
If you can’t tell her- she loves her some babies!
The bitties are getting so big!
They are roosting now!
This is Kevin- he was born in February.
This is MJ, she was born in January.

5 thoughts on “Weekend fun..

    1. Thanks! We have pygmy goats, and right now one is 4 months old, the other is 3. We are going to expand their pen soon, i have more fun caring for them! Feed and water daily, i clean out their pen/housing once a month, eventually we will have to trim their nails. They have been so fun! I can’t wait to expand and build them some more toys!


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