Greenhouse and more seeds planted..

About a month ago, I bought a greenhouse from Tractor Supply to try out. We have put it together and have it out in the sun, and tied down to the ground.


This was before we strapped it down. We had some weather come in and I didn’t want it to blow away, so we used some straps and anchors.

That day we also planted some seeds. We planted green beans, okra, sweet pepper, pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe and sugar snap peas. They have not seeded yet- but we have had pretty cloudy weather- and I may need to try this with grow lights.


My frugal planting idea- we used some Italian ice cups I had saved to plant seeds. They are the perfect size, and are reusable. The bottom shelf has our tomato and cucumber plants from the little mickey greenhouse. We have some more basil seedlings, and I need to get some more seeds started this week. It may be next weekend.

What do you have popping up? Or how is your seedlings or seeds growing?


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