DIY- Goat Pen

We have built a goat pen, low cost and with materials on hand. We did have to purchase t posts, a gate, some screws, and 2 posts for the gate. We had a bunch of pallets that hubby can get from work for free. So our pile dwindled a little- we will have to collect some more! This is the start- we still need a real roof on it, and we built it this way so we can expand it.


This is part of the yard. It is 7 pallets long- and is 4 pallets wide. We are going to have to do something about the shorter pallets as our lovely baby Nigerian Dwarf doe is trying to climb the fence and jump out. This is new for her so it will take them some adjusting time. So hubby will be fixing that! But we placed t posts in every corner and every other pallet. I saw the idea on pinterest. We screwed each pallet together, and the corners are screwed in very well.


For right now you can see the goat shelter. We have screwed a tarp on to keep rain and wind out- the tarp was something we had on hand. We had some hay from last October and placed it in there for them to lay on.


We have a 6 foot gate- and 2 cedar posts that the gate attaches too. We had it swing to the inside.


This was the plan for the gate to swing in. In case we needed to lock them up to clean the pen- or do some work to it. Well because MJ has decided to try to get out, until hubby gets the shorter pallets fixed- I am locking them up at night. They are not happy but I feel better- and I won’t have to worry as much. I will be posting some more updates soon as I have to build some goat toys to keep them occupied. And this helps them to get adjusted.

Any goat tips? Who wants to help a sister out?


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