DIY- Chicken Brooder

So I finally got around to posting the brooder pics, and our DIY idea. Normally I am bad about bringing animals home and not having housing. But this time we are learning to be prepared. I need a shed for all my animal tools and feed- maybe DIY!

The bitties are loving their home. They have a lot of room to move. I used the little chicken coop I have as a brooder. They are not allowed downstairs just yet- but that will be coming as of next week- to let them learn to forage on the ground.


Lots of room! They are learning to use the roosting bars above now! See this post for the pictures!


Feed and water. And It is nice to have the door open this way to be able to add it.


The heat lamp is set up on the roosting bar- and the plug fits nicely out the nesting box on the side.


The bitties love it!



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