Chick Update

Some work has been done to prepare for the babies coming in May. The bitties should be able to go in with the big girls when they come. I hope they are big enough! To prepare for that…we have moved the chicken coops closer together, so during the day they have access to each other and they can get used to being close to the babies!


The coops also got moved forward some so the girls have some grass, and we can lay some seed out to grow grass back. We will be adding a run within the next month or so to give them more room, and to be able to block it off to grow grass back. Don’t mind the bag of shavings- I was cleaning coops today also!


The babies have been exposed to ground again, and I have to put them up at night, they should be able to learn to use the ramp soon! They did not want to cooperate for pictures! The big girls are used to it!


Not the greatest picture, but Dixie kept trying to knock me over! She is very needy these days and wants a lot of attention! We have not names the babies yet- but I feel like I need to learn more about their personality some, so we are waiting until they get bigger, and maybe we can tell the difference between them all!

Give me some name suggestions so we can get a list going! I have 6 to name right now! We don’t have any roosters- but maybe we will get one later in the fall. I have to slowly add more!


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