Garden Update.


Out of all the seeds I planted- we have 2 okra plants growing, 1 cantaloupe plant, and a sugar snap pea plant growing. So I am going to wait about another week and if nothing else grows in them- into the compost the cups will go! Or does anyone have another suggestion?


I did plant a WHOOLLLEE bunch of more seeds today! These won’t go in the greenhouse as I am going to see if that makes a difference. I think my greenhouse is meant for grow lights- we will see!


The first plant here- my cucumber plant is not doing too well! Any suggestions? The big boy tomato plant is looking good. My cherry tomato plant has a few tomatoes on it!  The strawberry bucket has a seedling poking through! The hanger that I started last week has 1 more week flat down until I can actually hang it. I think when we had the storm, I accidentally left the plants out in the rain- so the 2 pink buckets will need to be replanted, they flooded!

I broke down and bought some more plants when we were at Tractor Supply today buying goat and chick feed! I bought another straightneck heirloom squash, another burpless hybrid cucumber, 2 Clemson spineless green okra, a red bell sweet pepper, a strawberry plant that happened to have 2 or 3 on it, a green pepper, a banana pepper, a different type of tomato, and something else I think. We also bought a heritage raspberry and northland blueberry bush to plant and try. I bought 2 hardy pecan trees to plant! And I bought some magic molly potato starters, and a German potato starter.  I think I have an addiction! But this is the first year we will actually have a garden- so I am using the established route- and then trying seeds also! We will see how well this goes!

Mary Mary Quite Contrary- How does YOUR garden grow?



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