Chick Update..

As of right now, I am having good luck with my babies. I have 3 Cherry Eggers and 3 Golden Comets. The big girls are quite curious to see them through the fencing. I think next weekend we will try mixing them to see.


They are beautiful- and coming into their colors now. I still have yet to name them, we may soon, but I am waiting to be able to tell a difference between all of them! They look the same!


Violet and Spaz- Violet is more curious about the chicks than Spaz.


We put the babies up at night and let them down- but this morning- this lone Cherry Egger made her way down the ramp. I was worried they wouldn’t learn how to. So I watched all morning- she made her way up and down.


I came back out later and all 6 were down! Let’s just see if they learn to go up at night. We are having some rain and it is chilly so I bet they will since we still have the heat lamp up for them.

So I am taking suggestions for names! Comment and let me know what you think!


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