Garden Update-

So I was not able to till or get anything into the ground- major work to be done next weekend now!


the 11 plants I bought are doing well- but they need more room soon!


The squash plant is getting flowers!


Mr. Cucumber plant is doing much better now! I am so happy- it is growing and blooming!


Tomato plant is doing well and flowering!


Can you see the cherry tomatoes already?


Looks like out of this seed batch- the corn has started growing. Or at least I think it is the corn- I forgot to label the front of the box so I could tell!


Starting from the top left and going down rows- then over from the top again-

Okra, Okra, Cantaloupe, cantaloupe, green bean (they are small), nothing yet, nothing yet, pumpkins, a whole row of nothing yet, nothing yet, nothing yet, sweet pepper, sweet pepper, cucumber, and 3 nothing yet, 2 nothing yet, sunflower, and the last nothing yet.

I am so excited to transplant them into the bigger garden space and then see how much I can get to grow!

How does your garden grow?


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