To what to my wandering eyes should appear…

But a peach tree!


So there has been this little tree growing on our property line, and I kept trying to figure out what it was. Well this weekend the neighbor was mowing his grass and stopped by- we advised him we were about to plant some pecan trees. He told us this was a peach tree, I didn’t even know it had buds! I am so excited and beside myself! How frickan awesome! I am going to have to stabilize it so it will grow straight and mulch, clean up under it a bit. It honestly looked just like a stick in the ground the whole time we lived here! I just left it there to see what would grow, and I am so glad I did! I just wonder how it got there! How awesome!


One thought on “To what to my wandering eyes should appear…

  1. What a fun discovery! I love having a peach tree. Last year we lost all our peaches to black spot and peach leaf curl 😦 But we were proactive this year, and ours has little baby fuzzy peaches on it now. I hope you get fruit soon. Nothing is better than eating a peach that is still warm from the sun.

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