Garden Update


There is cucumber, sweet pepper, okra, cantaloupe, pumpkin, watermelon, and sunflower seeds growing in here!


Fava seedlings! These are from Mike the Gardener, and I am so excited to have Hannibal Lector’s food!


The cherry tomato plant is budding and has lots of tomatoes!


I don’t know but if you look really hard, this one is starting to grow some tomatoes too!

wp-1493689711718.jpgMy summer squash plant is going well! It has some small squash starting!


I nursed the cucumber back to health and have to work on it a little more! But it is growing great!


Break time! And I absolutely love my Bogs, but now I need a shorter slip on pair!


Hubby used the tiller and tilled my garden spot! We went back over it and added some manure, 7 bags to be exact! My compost is not ready yet, and we have soil made of clay. this was before the rain hit- so we now have to loosen it back up so I can plant the seedlings and direct sow some more.


Don’t mind my snowflake lights- I have some front porch work to do! I bought the basket at Lowe’s, and we bought some flowers, because the girls love having them, and who doesn’t love a pretty front porch? The other blue hanger- which you can’t see that well, is one I bought off Wish- it has a hole for drainage, and the bottom has a space to keep the soil from coming out! I placed some of our flowers in there.


This will be moved up front after we get the seeds planted in the garden. The pallet holds my plant hangers beautifully! I bought those off Wish as well! I think they are colorful and pretty! The strawberries went into the purple hanger- which matches the blue, and the green is the other strawberry seeds we started- one plant is trying to grow!


I love bright colors if you can’t tell! Teal, any shade of purple and lime green! These are my plants I got from Tractor Supply- there is a banana pepper plant, a watermelon plant, 2 okra plants, a red bell pepper, a green bell pepper, another summer squash, another cucumber, and another tomato. I am going to try my hand at container gardening!


Here is my potato planter, another buy from wish. It has 3 different potato seeds in it. I can’t wait to see how they grow and then fill this up! As they grow, we continue to place more soil, and then when it reaches the top, we can unbury it all!

How is your garden doing? Tips, tricks, comments! I love them all! Questions- ask away! How do you think my Garden is doing? Opinions are accepted- I do well with constructive criticism!


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