Learn as you go- Chicken Edition


So we tried to integrate the babies into the big girls coop. That did not go to well. You live and you learn right? I did not have any casualties, so that is a good thing! Spaz does not like the babies right now and needs to establish her dominance apparently!

She has been pecking and chasing the babies. So we are now on week 2 of separation, and I will have to try this weekend and see what will happen. Hubby came up with this idea, after we quarantined Spaz for a minute. Violet is not aggressive but doesn’t like the babies near her pecking spot- but she hasn’t pecked at them or chased them.

We placed some chicken wire to separate the girls, and the babies have a roost. I may be looking at expanding the coop as well. It worked really well, until one morning when I went outside 2 of the babies had flown into the big coop, and didn’t know how to get back. Spaz went on attack mode. Needless to say that involved a trip in the coop to put the babies back and the hubby bending the wire down so they can’t get out.

I don’t recommend doing this while tired, I jabbed my leg, so now I have a huge bruise and a hole where the chicken wire caught it, and some more bruises from getting in and out.

Any tips on integrating? I am hoping the babies will be big enough soon that they can fight back and not get picked on. I don’t want to come home to a blood bath!



One thought on “Learn as you go- Chicken Edition

  1. We free range the chickens on an acre, so I’m not sure if this would work for you guys. However, we do lock all the chickens up together in a small room of the barn, and sometimes they’re all in there until about 7 in the morning. No blood or fights for us.

    Anyway, when we integrated we waited until evening when the chickens were all roosting. Then we just put the chicks in with the hens. Everybody slept together and woke up fine the next morning. They still don’t really like each other; there are definitely two different flocks wandering around – the old hens and the young pullets – and the young ones keep clear of the old ones because there are some pecks now and then. But nothing vicious.

    Good luck!


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