First Canning Experience-

So we had a fun weekend last weekend and went to a local farm to pick strawberries. We now have to go back to pick more! We picked 6 gallons! I didn’t get many pictures, we were having too much fun!


These are out eating strawberries! A bunch went into the freezer for pies and smoothies later! Or bread or whatever I happen to want to make!


These are my jam strawberries. 2 full gallon bags went into the freezer, I didn’t have the energy to make it all. So we will be making more soon


This is Tooty’s slicer! I bought it from my Avon Lady, since Tooty loves strawberries and wants to do everything herself! She just chats and chats while she slices them, it is comical! And adorable!


It makes such even slices, and my 6 year old has no trouble using it!


So hubby and I decided to make some jam that night! I didn’t get much pictures, it was my first canning experience, and I had such a good time! I have never tried this recipe, and can I say it is amazing! I am so glad I made it!

It takes 5 and a half cups of crushed strawberries, so I still have plenty of more strawberries to use and make some more. This recipe made 9 and a half jars of jam! Every jar popped! I was so happy! I will have to take more pictures for next time! Hubby was boiling jars to sterilize and keep hot while I was making the jam. It does require constant stirring! Tip- Remember hot canning things need to go into hot jars!

I had such fun, and can’t wait to can some more now! The mess I can say is worth it, but it was a LOT of dishes!

Have you canned anything yet?


12 thoughts on “First Canning Experience-

  1. I love canning!! We do both regular and freezer strawberry jam. We also can tomato sauce, pizza sauce, grenbeans and even chili sauce. I’m going to try some ketchup this year if all goes well! Happy canning!

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  2. I enjoy canning too, but I haven’t done any yet this year. (I keep looking at our still-green cherries and thinking greedy thoughts.) I’m glad to see you caught the canning bug and tried it out! 😀

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  3. I always can and probably do so about every month LOL! I tell my husband that hearing that popping sound is pure happiness lol It is music to my ears and I start getting all giddy. Thankfully, the feeling of accomplishment, surprise, and pride never goes away. I enjoy it very much. The jam looks so delish!!! Fantastic job! P.S. it gets addicting. 🙂 I have over 250 jars since I got my pressure/water canner for Christmas in 2015. I’m so happy you found joy in it, it saves a ton of money.

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