New Addition to the Homestead-

See the speckled looking one? That is my rare breed! Any one can tell what it will be?
Look at those colors!
This one is my favorite! What are you doing crazy lady?




Here is what we received in the mail on Wednesday May 10th! I am so excited! I ordered 5 Araucana/Americauna’s, 5 White Jersey Giants, 5 Delawares, and 5 White Cochins. They sent a rare breed chick as well. Sad to say they did fine- but when I woke up on Thursday morning, we found one had passed. I think it was one of my Cana’s, and I am so sad, because that is what I really wanted! We will have to see how this goes! The rare breed is the speckled one- and I am very interested to see what it is! Any guesses? I am also supposed to have all females, so I need more names! I am thinking about buying the color bands so I can tell some of them apart!

I can’t wait to watch these babies grow! I will be posting weekly updates!


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