Garden Update- May 16th

I know this is late- but it has been so busy lately! School is ending and I have so many things to do and take care of! There is certainly not enough time in the day!


The strawberries are doing well, I will have to clean the herb bed this weekend, and move the flower pallets and the strawberries up front closer to the garden.


The potato bag is filling quickly! This experiment hopefully turns out well! I hope we have a lot of potatoes when it is full! Every time we see green we cover it!


Don’t mind the front yard- it needs cleaned up some this weekend, but the flowers are doing great!

I finally got everything for the most part in the garden. We transplanted the cucumber plants, and I hope they do well. The rest I am leaving in pots- I am scared to transplant them!


So here are the pots, they need some organization and some more soil in some! But look at those! I am so excited!

wp-1494984092520.jpgThe cherry tomato plant had one little baby! Tooty was so excited she ate it right away! I can’t wait to have more produce! So exciting!

How does your garden grow?


2 thoughts on “Garden Update- May 16th

  1. Ours is just plugging along, but those tiny starts we have look out of place in the big garden and big cages!

    I bought some Pontiac red potatoes today and will build some potato boxes soon (this weekend?) to get them started.

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