Chicken Update and DIY Chicken Run

So I have a bad addiction! That much I can say!

I sold 6 of my babies to a friend who wanted some chickens. The funny thing is I am not sure what I have left! If the weather is nice this weekend, I am going to give them some land time, and then try and figure out how many and what I have. See the problem with that is since I sold 6, I bought 6 more, and I don’t think I got the breeds I was supposed to from the feed store- the lady working there asked me what was what, and I can’t grab my own- sooo we will have to see! I already have a plan for either Fall Chicks or next Spring chicks- probably next Spring.


This happened this weekend. We had to expand the coop so the big girls and the teenagers could get along. It was not working, and it is so not fair that they did not have enough room. We added 3 pallets long and one pallet wide for now! That helped the girls tremendously- Spaz was not taking very well to new hens to the coop. The teenagers are half of their size, and the only time she pecks at them now is if they are in her way or when she doesn’t want them in a section of the coop. I am just very glad that more space gave them some harmony! A lot less stress on me too! The inside of the pallets are covered with chicken wire, and the top of the coop is covered in netting. We removed a section of the coop and still have it so if I need to section them off to do some work we can. It is not the prettiest addition, but it makes me and the girls happy! The only thing we had to do to expand the coop was buy some t-posts, chicken wire, and we bought a bunch of netting for projects! Low cost and frugal is the way to be! Show me your coops!


I still need names for the 3 cherry eggers- and the 3 golden comets. The Comets I can tell apart- but the cherry eggers I can not just yet. So help a sister out! Spaz is my all white hen, and Violet is my hen with the black and white.


Love it! And look at all the colors!


My babies are growing by leaps and bounds! Expect more and better pictures this weekend if the weather cooperates! And by the way these lil suckers are hard to catch!


Sorry for the blurry picture- it was raining and I take them all on my phone! The girls got to enjoy some cantaloupe today! Spaz ran the teens off- but now that they roosted in the coop for the night- the teens get to enjoy some too! My cantaloupe was almost bad- so I shared it with the girls- we try not to waste anything! If I can feed it to the animals- that’s better than composting or in – dare I say it- the garbage!

Enjoy! If you have littles, or chickens, how are they doing? Any tips!


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