Garden Update- May 22

It has been crazy hectic- with the end of school for my girls, and a dance recital- and it has been raining like crazy! The garden definitely is enjoying the fresh water- I hope!

So much rain that part of the tree by the garden got hit in a storm! I thank God it did not fall the other way and hit the garden!


See that! So glad! We will have to trim it down and move it- even though it is on the neighbors property. We have a few trees that draws the lines in our properties. I am glad the hubby trimmed that tree the weekend we tilled the garden! It may have not went that way had we not done maintenance!


Cherry tomato plant is doing wondermous! We will have some more to harvest soon! Look at it blooming like crazy!


I am not sure which herb got planted in the green pot- what do yall think it is? This is what happens when you forget what you planted! OOPS! Better luck next time for this gal!


Grow garden grow!

Big Boy Tomatoes- look at them coming in! Hubby is so excited for these 2! I will be staking more soon!

Summer squash! What am I doing wrong? It is slow to bloom! I think I may trellis these!


These have to go in the garden soon, and I have to remember what is what when I plant them in the garden free space!


Watermelon is growing like crazy!

Red and green bell pepper! Look at that pepper on the left side, and I have a baby on the right!


My lone banana pepper plant is growing tall!


the 2 biggest Okra plants, I have 2 more in there. I need to get some more planted!

I am going to try for some more seeds, but I am worried that it is too late! Any advice?

By the way- check out my voluntary pumpkin plant from where the chickens ate pumpkin before we moved the coop!



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