Chicken Update

The total is down to 27 but the rest of the hens seem to be healthy as far as I can tell. We are going to try to handle the babies and handle the girls more so they can get used to us.

The babies are now getting to get outside some. We are figuring out which direction we are going to expand. They all have feathers now, and will need much more room soon!


They have learned fast how to use the ramp!



I will have to try to get some more individual pictures soon! The colors coming in are beautiful!


The Golden Comets are definitely coming into their colors, and the Cherry Eggers are getting some black on them now!


Spaz still runs them off occasionally, but she seems to be not as protective because we only have her left. There is one cherry egger that seems to not be scared, but these girls still flock together!

Goat Update

So the goaties have been doing well. My friend that I got the goats from has a pregnant doe- so I may acquire another soon! Although I do only want one if it is a female. I have gotten them used to me being in the pen, and almost have them coming directly to me. They don’t like crazy though! I am going to start having to halter train them so when it is time to trim their hooves I can do it. I love these guys, they are so dang adorable!


This is the mom, please pet me!


MJ has some gorgeous eyes!


Kevin was pulling at my pants through the gate- he wanted me to rub on him some!

Want to win some seeds?

I am going to hold a seed giveaway! I am going to share some of my seeds from Mike the Gardener’s Seeds of the Month club!

So here goes the rules- I will be giving away a package of seeds. It will be random selection from a number generator. This giveaway is open until July 7- so for 2 weeks! You will have 24 hours to claim your prize or I will draw another name! I will be checking on all of these to make the list for entries!

1: You get 1 entry for following my blog.

2:You get 1 entry for liking this post and commenting that you did so.

3: You get 1 entry for posting a comment with a gardening tip.

Here’s what I am giving away!


Good luck all! I can’t wait to see where I need to mail this too!

June Seed Shipment


I am so excited for the Calendula, I have been reading some and can’t wait to plant this and harvest! This is one of those I have been waiting on! I can’t wait to see what I get next month!

Thanks Mike the Gardener- I love my little package I get every month! Something to definitely look forward to!

I am a member of the Affiliate program- which means I do get paid a small portion if someone purchases a membership from my site. If you’d like to help my homestead journey, you certainly can click on the link in this post or on the link on my homepage. Thanks in advance if you do!

Vacations are fun but..

It was great to have a vacation but i sure miss home. I love my animals and missed them so much, but i do feel more relaxed slightly.

Heres some more photos to enjoy… glad to be back home.

The zoo was small but amazing! Right after this picture we had to make a mad dash to the car, it downpoured!!

Im so glad for the memories!! And i got to spend time with my mom!!

Brief hiatus..

So i know i have not posted in awhile. We took a vacation, which was much needed for me. I miss my mini farm and worried about the status. Right now i am posting from my phone. Let me share some awesome pics, we are not home yet, but the hubby is taking care of everything i am sure. 

It is so peaceful, and i love the beach. Its been on and off again rain so we are trying to enjoy what we can and when.

Me and tooty on the USS Alabama, this was an interesting trip. Hubby and Sheldon enjoyed it the most I’m sure!

We went to Fort Morgan and walked around. It is very interesting and the girls had fun. 

Gotta go shopping right?

We have ate at some great places and i am enjoying eating seafood every night for dinner!

Until next time!

Chicken lice…

Violet had caught a huge case of chicken lice. That meant a huge cleanout of the coop, and spreading some diatomaceous earth and some pymethrin dust. The other hens seem to be doing fine, and are dust bathing in the new bath i gave them. This weekend will involve another huge cleanout, and refreshing the bath materials. I also have to check the other girls. In their dust bath, they have wood ash, diotamaceous earth, and a small pymethrin dust mix. 

This was definitely not something i wanted to deal with. And you can’t eradicate them, you just control them. 

Any tips? I pray you don’t ever have to go through that!

Garden update- June 7

Working hard in the garden these days..

The potatoes are doing great, although the storm knocked one or two of the plants over. I hope we get a good harvest.

I finally got my blueberry bush, raspberry bush, and my kiwi plant in buckets for now. A little late, but at least not wasted. I am hoping all the rain doesn’t ruin them.

The volunteer pumpkin plant is huge!

What is this? It was a volunteer plant.

Trellising is hard yall! Took me all day to get all this done. So worth it though, i will definitely plan better next year!

I believe this lil buddy is cilantro!

Can’t tell what that lil buddy is yet!

Got my first pepper yall! So exciting!

I hope hubby has been harvesting while i am gone. We’ve had cherry tomatoes so far, and now a pepper!

How is your garden growing?

Death on the homestead.

Not a great topic, but something everyone has to deal with. 

Violet, my beloved hen has passed. I am sure part of it was from anemia from the chicken lice we happened upon in the coop. I tried as much as i could to nurse her back to health, but it was coming, and she got to live out her days eating treats and did not suffer. I knew it would happen while i was on vacation. I was talking to the hubby one night checking on the homestead and he told me she didn’t make it. 

One of the sad things we have to deal with, but it is life on a farm. It doesn’t mean it’s any easier. 

RIP Violet, she was my most pet like hen!

Sunshine- Quail

My poor little Sunshine is still lonely I think. We still have her- and once I get another brooder built- I will be getting some baby quail- even if it means ordering them- or having to hatch my own. She stopped laying for awhile- so we had to nail an old comforter on the coop- and she is laying again. I am not sure if it was my cats in the window- or the A/C unit freaking her out. But she does better now. I have to clean her coop- and if I have learned a tip from the chickens- I will add the baby quail when they are almost as big as her. It tends to work better that way. We will get to that journey when we reach it.


I am doing some more research to give her a more natural habitat, and make improvements.