What in the world?

We have had so much going on lately! And the rain- oh the rain! It feels like it has been raining non-stop, and especially when I want to work outside. I have learned to work outside in the rain for some things! It is a lot cooler!


That is the rain gauge, which has just been cleaned out since last Friday I believe. We have been trying to get multiple projects done- eventually! One small step for man! Right? Rome wasn’t built in a day!

This weekend should have been a long weekend for us- but hence I worked half a day Monday. Trash has to be picked up y’all! Hubby got to stay home with the kiddos the first half of the day. But the downside is, when we run a day behind- he will have to work this upcoming Saturday. 😦 It’s life!


We finally took out the fire put, and made smores! It was nice to just sit and relax! Especially after a hard days work! It also meant plans for a permanent patio and fire pit for the future! YAY!


Grass got cut- not after a fun story though! The belt broke- and kept coming off- which involved the hubby taking the whole deck off and looking at it. We bought 2 belts on Saturday after Tooty’s recital, and broke one on Sunday cutting grass. Tip for the wise- I will always have at least one extra belt for the mower now- so yes, we will go buy another one!

I don’t have any pictures from Tooty’s recital, but it was great! She had so much fun!

The modern amenities- internet. The internet went out on Sunday when I was going to plan and post out for the week! Kinda threw a kink in my plans! Turns out it was because a fiber optic cable broke in Atlanta- we are 2 hours from Atlanta- highway hours- how does that effect us? It did make me think how much we depend on technology though! We are needing to get away some! I do limit my time though!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I have a vacation coming up! So some relaxing time for me! YAY!

Until next time y’all, Keep It Simple!


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