What kind of chicken is that?

So we took all 20 babies out of the coop- and I took a picture of each one- you will only get to see a few- but I was interested to see what I ended up with since I have sold, added, and couldn’t tell the day old babies apart!

wp-1496094126712.jpgThis is a White Jersey Giant baby- I have 3 of these.

wp-1496094115846.jpgThis is I believe a Rhode Island Red- I have 2 of these gals!

wp-1496094108530.jpgThis is my Buff Orpington- I have 2 of these gals!

wp-1496094099250.jpgThis is my rare breed- it has 5 toes- and a little bit of feathers on it’s legs- I am not too sure which one this is!

wp-1496094092103.jpgThis is a Barred Rock- Tooty wanted it- we have 2 of these gals!

wp-1496094069888.jpgThis is my Aracauna/Americauna- I have 5 of these- and this is the one I definitely want more of! I love having colored eggs!

wp-1496094061209.jpgThis is a White Cochin- I have 5 of these feather friends!


Enjoy! How are your chicks?


8 thoughts on “What kind of chicken is that?

  1. I love the Americauna, the Rhode Island Red and the White Cochin! We have always just had brown chickens who lay brown eggs so this year we’ve got some mixed babies on the go from a farm up the road. We are hoping for blue/ green eggs

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  2. They are adorable! I desperately wanted Cochins this year, but my husband said no, the 15 chicks we already had were enough 😦 Next year I am getting them for sure though, whatever hubby says!

    We’ve got a total of five Ameraucanas. They all look different, colorwise, which is awesome, and I love the blue eggs! They are the least friendly of all the birds though. They seem spooked all the time. The friendliest birds by far (like, jumping up into my lap friendly) are the buff orpington and the black sex link. I also want more orpingtons and sex links in my future 🙂

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