Funny Chicken Story-


I love my girls so much! I love watching them eat bugs, and I am glad they are getting along for the most part!


If you can’t tell they got some watermelon- and this momma needs to clean the coop and give them some grass!

My girls actually make less of a mess with crumbles than pellets.


Growing so fast! My little barred rock is always the one who is curious and comes to me when I open the coop to check on them and refresh the food and water!

wp-1496275828862.jpgThey were a little hot! And I am so glad their feathers are coming in- soon they will get to taste some freedom!

Funny story here- we got home really late one night after going to Tooty’s rehearsal for her dance recital. I was going through the efforts of feeding and refreshing water for all the animals. I looked into the coop and got the egg for the day- and then wondered where my teenage girls were. It was 9 pm, dark and I was working by a head lamp- I happened to look up and all I had was fluffy butt in my face! I am so glad I did not get pooped on- it would have made the story better- but it still would have sucked!


This is how the girls roost at night! And let me say this- they scared the bejeesus out of me!


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