Death on the homestead.

Not a great topic, but something everyone has to deal with. 

Violet, my beloved hen has passed. I am sure part of it was from anemia from the chicken lice we happened upon in the coop. I tried as much as i could to nurse her back to health, but it was coming, and she got to live out her days eating treats and did not suffer. I knew it would happen while i was on vacation. I was talking to the hubby one night checking on the homestead and he told me she didn’t make it. 

One of the sad things we have to deal with, but it is life on a farm. It doesn’t mean it’s any easier. 

RIP Violet, she was my most pet like hen!


7 thoughts on “Death on the homestead.

  1. I’m sorry to hear. We lost two of ours that we’ve had the longest due to cars this spring. As much as we love to let them free range, there can be difficulties with it. Like you said, it isn’t the easy part of living on a farm.

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    1. Thats partly why we dont free range. We are so close to a main hwy. Out of the original 3 we bought, i lost one right when we brought them home, then the other a month ago. I brought home 6 more. They integrated well. Then i ordered the 21, one died the night we brought them home. So i still have 27, i still count that as a victory. But it is something we all have to deal with, hard nonetheless Id rather have to cull the flock myself, but it happens.


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