Want to win some seeds?


I am going to hold a seed giveaway! I am going to share some of my seeds from Mike the Gardener’s Seeds of the Month club!

So here goes the rules- I will be giving away a package of seeds. It will be random selection from a number generator. This giveaway is open until July 7- so for 2 weeks! You will have 24 hours to claim your prize or I will draw another name! I will be checking on all of these to make the list for entries!

1: You get 1 entry for following my blog.

2:You get 1 entry for liking this post and commenting that you did so.

3: You get 1 entry for posting a comment with a gardening tip.

Here’s what I am giving away!


Good luck all! I can’t wait to see where I need to mail this too!

6 thoughts on “Want to win some seeds?

  1. I liked this post (😆). And the best tip I have is to cover the planting area with some sort of mulch. We use wood chips and grass. Kinda of long-term short term boost of nutrient approach. Retains moisture, keeps soil temperatures down and obviously suppresses weeds. Though I’m no expert and only in year two, that has worked well for us, so if a novice like me can succeed, then it must be the system, not the skill of the gardener.

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  2. 1. Follow the blog ✅
    2. Like the post ✅
    3. Garden tip: I don’t know if this counts as a tip, but the number one thing I am working on right now is patience in the garden! Every year I fret and worry through the small growth of spring, but every year summer arrives and the abundance starts flowing! What a blessing 😉


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