Garden Update- May 18

This is picture heavy!

We were able to harvest some more tomatoes- we had another one but ate it on the burgers we had over the weekend. I also got some cucumbers- how exciting! Woot!

This is the volunteer pumpkin plant, the cantaloupe plant, the fava beans and their flowers, and the watermelon plants. It looks sad because I am trying to train it to spread into the grass not the tomatoes. Lesson learned, next year better planning! Oops!

All of the tomato plants, I think my potted ones besides the cherry tomato I am going to lose. I have to doctor and baby them back!

These are all cucumber plants, don’t mind the weeds, apparently they spread like everything else while I was gone! I will have to weed it this weekend!

The squash growing in the garden is great, although I do have to treat it this weekend, I can see some squash bugs! I think I may lose the other squash plant! šŸ˜¦ The okra and peppers are doing great- I have 2 more peppers coming, and some buds on the other plants. The banana peppers are finally growing. I need to fertilize some this weekend.

The mint is doing well, so glad it won’t overpower anything. The basil is getting tall, I am going to harvest some this weekend. I am not sure what the little guy is, and the other one I believe is cilantro. He is growing quite fast now.

How is your garden? What are you harvesting!

One thing I have learned is to prepare a little better! And plan a little better!



8 thoughts on “Garden Update- May 18

  1. Nice bounty! Every summer, I’m like I need more lettuce or tomatoes or cilantro. The following summer I then over do it on whatever I was short the previous summer. This summer I’ve overdone the tomatoes and short changed the lettuce. Already eating the kale, lettuce, and some herbs out of the garden. My cucumbers all died early this spring which was a bummer since we ran out of pickles and I need to put some up this summer. Farmer’s Market it is.

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  2. We are preparing for acreage so right now we’ve started small with raised beds. I’m a terrible gardener, but I will not give up! This is our 4th year. We’ve grown tomatoes about 4 varieties, cucumbers on a trellis, bell peppers, jalapenos, strawberries, blueberries (FAIL!), brussel sprouts (FAIL!), and herbs. The animals keep eating all our fruit and I mean all so far. We even have our raised beds caged and they are still getting eaten so we haven’t been able to enjoy our gardens at all this year. I love your garden, that basil looks amazing. šŸ™‚

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  3. Something that I’ve been trying to do this year is take notes. I got a little notebook and drew out the garden. Now I’m taking pictures and jotting down notes. The pictures will help me remember the plants I put too close together so I space better next time. Your garden is looking great.

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