Garden Update- June 25th


This was our harvest over the weekend! Yummo! I can’t wait to have more!

Tomato plants- the cherry tomato is doing well, and I have nursed the potted plant back to health. I am going to have to do some pruning on the big plants- I have found blossom end rot, and I need to try to fix it! I don’t really have any tomatoes yet, and I would cry if it ruins all the plants!

Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and Okra…nothing yet on these babies! I don’t think my okra is getting enough sun! We are trimming that tree this weekend. We have had so much rain, everything is squishy, it drys up just a little, and then we get downpours again!

Herbs are doing well! Not sure, I think the first pot is a weed! The second is Cilantro and it is slow growing but still growing, I will take that! The mint is starting to grow, grow, grow! I will need to prune it back and I may try making some extract or tea! I pruned the basil way back and it is still growing very well, which means plenty more Basil later!

I do have 2 Bell Pepper plants, and they are both growing more peppers as we speak. The banana pepper plant took forever to start, but now it is producing left and right! Pickling a small batch this weekend maybe!

My cucumbers are doing great, I should have a bunch for pickling soon I hope, they grow pretty slow too! And I think Hubby may have killed one of the plants when he was cultivating to get the weeds out. It looks a little sad- I was trying to nurse it, but I don’t think it is coming back!


I am hoping that the squash bugs don’t kill my one lone last squash plant, I am diligently checking it daily to make sure it has time to grow!

How does your garden grow?


2 thoughts on “Garden Update- June 25th

  1. I’m having some serious garden envy with your cucumbers and peppers! Mine are still puny little seedlings which I’m sure are refusing to grow as some sort of vegetable protest to the new garden beds!

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