Weather, weather, oh my!

Last weekend we had some rain in between everything. Last year we were in a drought, well we have come out of it, and the rain just keeps coming. It seems every time I plan some work outside, it just rains and rains.


We have been wanting to buy a weather station and finally was able to get it. You can see our nifty station on the top of the big coop! It can predict weather as best as it can after awhile too, it is pretty good I can start recording it in the new garden journal, it will be fun to look back on.

wp-1498609495787.jpgThe little girls finally got a roost put up, and they are enjoying it. We are looking at expanding this week, there just isn’t enough room now that they have grown so big! I do have to scrub the water and feed buckets this weekend, these girls poop on everything, and if you can’t tell, they stand on it all!

The work is never done, and I hope that the rain holds off, so we can get some more work done. And that way the girls aren’t walking in mud all the time!


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