Garden Update- July 5th

So I forgot to get a picture of the harvest this week. I got some pickling cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and banana peppers. I am hoping I will have enough to pickle the banana peppers and the cucumbers this weekend.

This is the volunteer pumpkin plant. You can see it is starting some blooms. I found them when I picked up the plant to move it, partly to stop it from making more roots, and to move it to point away from my house.


I planted some more potatoes in my second bag. the first is ready to harvest. We will have to see how many I got and evaluate the bag system!

The herbs are doing well. I need to trim my mint back this weekend, it is growing a little wild there. I can’t decide if the green pot is cilantro or parsley? Can you tell? The basil is coming back after I cut it way back- so that is nice!

I think the cherry tomatoes are coming to an end. I only had the one plant- but next year I will have several, it has done great in the pot. The other tomato plant was saved enough to where there is 2 or 3 tomatoes, not ripe yet- but I think that may be all we get from that. The 2 rows are definitely growing better now. I had some plants that fell, and the tomatoes had rotted- so I have to prune those back a little, but there are green buds and growing tomatoes everywhere. I am hoping for a good harvest for salsa, and some to eat.

I still have 2 pickling cucumber plants, and 2 cucumber plants, and the more I harvest- the more they grow. There are new growths everywhere!


I have 3 squash growing, and the plant has come back. It will get sprayed again soon. It seemed to help with the bugs. I am hoping to get some squash this year. I only really need 1 plant as I am the only one that eats it in my family.


The watermelon plants- I have 2 are flourishing. I am going to check for some more buds, and then move the plants just like the pumpkins so I can train them where to grow, and so they don’t root into the ground. Supposedly if they root into the ground- it produces smaller fruit.

The pepper plants are doing great. This is something I will definitely plant more of next year. They are slow producing right now, but I think that it’s because there is a limb covering some of their sun. Plus all the rain we have had is drowning my plants. I see more when the garden is dryer.

The okra is just starting to produce which is making me happy, again like the peppers- it needs some more sun, I think.


This is the cantaloupe plant, and it is slow growing. I am not sure I will get fruit from it or not. We will have to see.

How is your garden? I have a feeling mine is going to pop all at once, and harvest and canning will have to go quick! What have you been harvesting?


4 thoughts on “Garden Update- July 5th

  1. Our garden is coming along nicely, though we did lose two plants to squash bugs. I’ll be following to see how your potato bags have done. I must say that I’ve been extremely impressed with how ours are doing in a potato box I’m trying. I’ve been adding more pallets slabs and compost as it grows. It started about one foot high and is now about four feet high and still going strong.

    Thus far, we’ve only gotten spinach and beets but I got some sorrel for a quarter at a local hardware store’s end of the season sale and it is flourishing so I think we will now have a steady supply for future years (I love any kind of edible perineal). It has been incredibly dry here for the last month or so, but since most of our plantings have a good layer of mulch, they don’t seem to mind the dryness.

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