Garden Update- July 15th

So the garden has halted a little, dare I say. I am praying I don’t have a one time huge harvest- that would be a little much on my weekend homestead. A lot of canning would have to be done on the weekend!


This is the volunteer pumpkin plant. We do have one looking like it is growing- but it also looks to be rotting! I hope we can get a pumpkin or two by October! It is taking over a good part of the yard!

The watermelons are blooming and spreading on the yard! It took me so long to train them to grow this way! I can’t wait for more to grow and so we can eat them up!


The tomatoes are growing very much, the low ones are not doing well- they are rotting from too much water. It looks like they will all bloom at once! Uh oh! But still it takes a lot of tomatoes to make salsa!

The pickling cucumbers and the cucumbers. I think my cucs are waning! I am still getting some, and I hope the pickling cucumbers pick up some more- so I can make plenty of pickles!


I was able to harvest 2 squash- I do have to do some weeding- but I was able to nurse it back to health! Maybe some more squash soon!

Peppers are still growing! I have been putting up the banana peppers to pickle. I did have to place some support on 2 of the plants- the rain has been kicking our butt lately!


The okra is growing tall- but no harvest yet- and it seems the ants are taking over! I need to get them off my plants!


I don’t know if we will get cantaloupe- we will have to see!


The pear tree needs some trimming and love- but it is still blooming- I am hoping to make some jelly!


The harvest from today- some pickling cucumbers- one baby tomato- 2 squash- one cucumber- some more banana peppers- and a pepper! Soon maybe soon!

How does your garden grow?



3 thoughts on “Garden Update- July 15th

  1. Very nice looking garden! Ours are doing fairly well (no photos right now). We have been awfully dry this summer, but our mulching has definitely helped as everything is still producing fairly well, though we did lose some peas to drought and a watermelon to beetles. Wifey is staying on top of the beetles now though. We just got our first tomatoes and peppers the last couple of days. I’ve also noticed three of our potato shoots in the box I built are starting to wilt…but the other three in the box are still going strong. I guess we shall see how they do. I could always harvest this batch and replant as I think we will have time (the box is an experiment this year for us). Our apple and pear trees are only on year two, so no harvest for a while, but they are growing quite well. Honeyberries seem to be doing alright as are the paw paws. Blueberries have not done well in the heat, though I fully admit to kinda taking a hands off approach this year as I’ve coddled them long enough so they will either be hearty and take off on their own, or they aren’t right for our place and we will replace them with something that will do well (aroniaberries are doing great as well)…finally, I can’t tell if the hazelnuts are dead or just being nibbled on by our deer…I suppose we will know next spring.

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