Egg-citing news!

I may make you wait for it- but I just can’t! I am like a little kid opening a gift- I have to tell you the egg-citing news! Our ducks and the younger set of hens are laying! I screamed with joy when I found out!

Saturday I checked the coop- which we really haven’t been able to do- since it has been so dark- and look at the glory I found! I did bust one egg- oops! But shortly after discovering the girls were laying- Sheldon discovered duck eggs!

Some nesting box love- Do you see the light green/light blue! That makes me so egg-cited! I am going to have to freshen up the nesting boxes a little more often in this coop. My Easter Eggers are laying and the Buff Orpingtons as well. I only have 5 Easter Eggers- and 2 Buff’s. That poor Buff pretty much lays anywhere in the coop. Poor gal- so I will be freshening the coop- and I may have to try the golf ball trick to see if I can make sure they lay in the boxes.


The ducks did just lay anywhere- which is still a possibility. But I added some hay to their coop- and look- one made a nest- we are getting 1 egg a day. So I hope that means they will start laying more. I have 3 hens and 3 drakes. I am hoping one eventually will go broody and try to hatch out some babies! SSH- I actually think they heard me talking about if they didn’t start laying soon- they may go to freezer camp! But alas- no worries for now!

The plethora of eggs we have now. And I am loving the colors. We do mark the day on the egg with a pencil so that we can eat the oldest first. I love my egg basket that my momma bought me- it is now coming to great use!

I can’t wait to expand and get more chickens so we can have more different colored eggs!

The Homestead Box- November 2017

This homestead box was a good one as well. I love how they keep adding to skills that we need. Living off the Land-


Ever wanted to harvest your own meat? This kit gives you some of the most important tools- whether you are hunting or fishing! We won’t get to do much this year- but I will definitely make plans to do some next year.


What you can’t see is a green camo bandana, some meat bags to pack ground meat, and a few pairs of the longer gloves. My husband definitely loved this box!

I can’t wait to see what we keep on getting every month! Y’all should really check them out! The skill sets they send are amazing! And normally always includes a book- who doesn’t love to add to the library! Not only that but if we ever lose internet- I still have a reference guide right at my fingertips!

You need to-

take care of yourself. That is number one priority on the homestead. If you aren’t fully healthy- you won’t be able to take care of everyone else and do the things you need to do. I bit the bullet and took a day off to run to doctor appointments all day this past Tuesday.

Appointment 1- With a family doctor. I went and had a physical so to say- I don’t normally go to the doctor- but I am not getting any younger. Plus we had to address my sleeping issues. I was waking up 2 or 3, if not more, times a night and wasn’t getting my full 8 hours. If I don’t have a full 8 hours- I am cranky- with a capital c! I did a sleep study a few years back and I will have to do another one now- to make sure I didn’t develop sleep apnea. But for now- I take 5 mg of melatonin to help keep me asleep. So far on night one- it seemed to work- although I was a little groggy still when I woke up. I also had to have a full blood test done- I wanted them to check my Thyroid- because my T4 was slightly elevated when I went to the cardiologist last year. If that tells you anything- I avoid the doctor like the plague y’all. I bruise easily- she got all 6 vials in one shot- but now my arm has the lovely lump and purple and black bruise all across my elbow.


Appointment 2- The dreaded female yearly, Enough said.

Appointment 3- The eye doctor. I will have a new pair of glasses soon- and my left eye- just my left eye got worse. I am hoping this helps- since the anti-glare is rubbing off my glasses- and I stare at a computer all day. The last time I went was 4 years ago- and I swear I just got these glasses 2 years ago- that tells you how much times flies.

The importance of this message was to say- don’t avoid it! Take care of yourself! I am not saying you can’t use holistic approaches and natural remedies- but you need to make sure you get regular check ups as well. Something hit me- and I realized I want to be around to see my girls grow up- and I want to live to 90 and sit on my rocking chair on my porch! So take care of yourself! Don’t wait until the last minute- and send some prayers my blood work comes back normal!

Turkey Day!

photo courtesy of google images- I can’t wait to have some of my own in a year or two!

Happy Turkey Day y’all! Gobble till ya wobble!

The hubby and I are home this year. We both have to work Friday and Saturday. So we forewent the trip to Huntsville- since I didn’t want to make the drive.

No turkey for us- I am cooking Turnip Green Soup! The girls are going with my in-laws to Huntsville. They will have such fun.

I hope everyone has a great day- and spends some quality time with those they love!

Small Home Updates and some weekend fun…

Here’s a little update from the past two weekends- we have been trying to knock some projects out, now that the weather is changing and there isn’t much to do but animal husbandry.

I broke down and bought a new salt and pepper shaker set- I have a thing for old fashioned milk bottles y’all.

20171112_133137.jpgThey are so cute- and yes- the mess behind that got cleaned up that weekend. We are still working on decluttering some. It is a process. I do like to live simply I have discovered. We have- pardon my French- too much CRAP!

We did buy some indoor/outdoor porch lights and got them installed. They have Bluetooth speakers- and I will have to show you them at night. They are pretty bright- but since we like to listen to music and grill- it was a nice little homestead addition. Bonus- we discovered last year when we did the Christmas lights that the little metal screw in cup lights work great for hanging lights- since you can take them down ten times easier- so there’s a little tip y’all!


Not the best picture- but we love them!

Tooty celebrated Birthday Number 7 that weekend, and man I didn’t get any pictures- but we did have fun!

The next Friday- we did make an addition to the house- a cat tree in the hopes that the cats- well one in particular will stop clawing furniture and jumping on my counters and my kitchen table.


They are still a little unsure of it- and only one of them sits on it at a time. I have some weird cats! But love them just the same!


We went with my father in law to the range this past Sunday and popped off a few rounds. I discovered what pistol I want to carry for personal protections- and we have been taking Sheldon so she learns gun safety and how to properly use them. We had so much fun- I find it so relaxing- and we do get to spend some quality time with each other.

We have had some fun the past few weekends- so now it is time to crack down on some projects and work! We have had a few warm days- and the bugs still come out- but we are trying to wait for a good freeze to work on 2 particular projects. We are going to be ripping up carpet on the back porch- who puts indoor carpet on a porch y’all? Especially one that is not screened in and gets water all over it. We are also going to be ripping the ceiling out on the back porch- and finishing it off so it is open and looks good. The trim started to come off- and a bunch of wasps were building nests- so that has got to go bye-bye. If I can swing it- we will be replacing the 3 outer doors and door trim as well, because there is some spacing and because of the water situation we do have some rotting on the bottom of the trim.

But all is well- and we keep adding to the project list. What big or small projects do you have for the winter season? Have you had some time to have a little fun lately?


More canning and homemade foods…

A friend of mine tried the first batch of pickled okra. It was SALTY- so I adjusted the recipe a little and used the last of the okra and banana peppers from the garden. I am so in love with the blue jars! I can not wait to plan some more canning for next year- and I am working on stocking up on my jars. I still have some nectarines- some strawberries and some oranges that I need to make some jam/jelly with! But the good thing about it- it is slow season- so I have more time to make these. AND they make great Christmas gifts- so I hope my family is prepared to get some homemade gifts this year!


I have been cooking more from scratch, and the more I cook, the more of a habit it becomes! So this past weekend I made pork chops for one day last week- and I made some chicken for us to eat. One night we had it with mashed taters- and the night I cooked it I made homemade fries. I am getting my cooking groove back! And I am so excited for that!


Smashing Pumpkins

The girls had some fun- we use our pumpkins to feed the animals as a natural dewormer. The newer hens were not so sure about it- but once they figured it out- then yes- it was a wonderful treat. Tooty and Sheldon got to half and smash the pumpkins with a sledgehammer- they had such a good time. It was warm enough that Tooty even wanted to run the sprinkler- so while we were putting up the sprinklers from the garden- she got to have a little fun.


Preparing for Winter…

So we partially prepared the animals for winter. It is getting cold- and that means prepping for winter. It means scrubbing feeders and waterers and laying new hay down. It means cleaning out the pens and preparing for a deep litter system. It means the ducks got a bunch of hay to take up some mud! They hay bale that the pumpkins sat on- gets reused for on the ground- cause it really isn’t good for eating. The pumpkins got given to the animals as a wormer. Winter prep is still not done- but by the end of November will be completed!



October Seed Shipment-

Planning the garden is going to be so hard now!

I absolutely love the new shipment and can’t wait to plan and grow all these amazing heirloom seeds.


We are not planning a fall veggie garden this year, but these will be on the list for next year!

Thanks Mike the Gardener! Check out the Seeds of the Month club if you would like to enjoy it as well!