Fall is here..

Fall is definitely here- and by the weather we can tell. Mornings and evenings get chilly but it is still warm during the day. So much to do with so little time- we are cracking down on Winter and need to prepare.  We have had so much going on that it has been hard to get work done. And I believe I have seasonal affective disorder, when the sun starts going away- depression starts to hit in. It has been harder to get things done- I think I am in a funk.


The kids had fun trick or treating for Halloween. We went with friends and had a late start but both of them talked about how much fun they had.

Both my husband and I celebrated birthdays this month. Starting in October we really get hit with the holidays. Tooty had a camp out weekend with Girl Scouts in the middle of the month. She had a great time, so while I was helping Sheldon went to the shooting range with her daddy. They had a great time as well. That was one weekend down. Hubby worked one weekend, and was gone the whole weekend from volunteering at the racetrack for the Talladega Super Speedway race on Sunday, so there went another weekend. It sure has been busy.

I like being busy- but we still have so many projects to be done!

6 thoughts on “Fall is here..

  1. I get S.A.D. for sure. I even wrote a post about it a while back. Now I make it a point to get out in the sun every day as long as I can. Really does help but of course when it’s cloudy…ugh. We had one year where it was cloudy from November to March! INSANE.

    Looks like a fun Halloween! Ours was the first one that we didn’t take the kids trick or treating and honestly, I was relieved. Ha! But we had about 13 years of fun beforehand.

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    1. I wish we didn’t have to go, but they love it and I’m trying to enjoy the time now. I work in the rat race right now still, so its harder for me to spend time in the sun. I work a stressful job answering phones for a garbage company. And we are running into rainy season, so I’m trying to defunkify before it hits hard!


  2. We’re in Alabama, too! (I’m assuming since you mentioned Volunteering at Talladega). I can totally relate. I get SAD every year when the seasons change. Fall here is absolutely wonderful, except for the fact it’s so short. Once those leaves fall, it gets so bleak since we don’t get the snow to make Winter beautiful. We’ve got a list a mile long of projects to do this Winter, too, so hopefully we’ll be able to work off some of those blues!!

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