The Homestead Box- November 2017

This homestead box was a good one as well. I love how they keep adding to skills that we need. Living off the Land-


Ever wanted to harvest your own meat? This kit gives you some of the most important tools- whether you are hunting or fishing! We won’t get to do much this year- but I will definitely make plans to do some next year.


What you can’t see is a green camo bandana, some meat bags to pack ground meat, and a few pairs of the longer gloves. My husband definitely loved this box!

I can’t wait to see what we keep on getting every month! Y’all should really check them out! The skill sets they send are amazing! And normally always includes a book- who doesn’t love to add to the library! Not only that but if we ever lose internet- I still have a reference guide right at my fingertips!

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