Where have you been?

So i have not posted in awhile. Oops my bad y’all. I have taken somewhat of a social media break. But i do have some good updates and goals. We also had some personal things going on. Have to take care of ourselves to take care of the homestead. Hot mess homestead has some big updates coming up. So you may see a few lazy posts while i get the others typed up! We are definitely having a good year and i hope everything is well for you.

What would you like to see us update?

What kind of posts are you interested in?

3 thoughts on “Where have you been?

  1. Spring has a way of making posting difficult with all it’s work. I too had a personals set back- my first kidney stone complete with panicked trip to the ER convinced it was my appendix. Welcome back, can’t wait to see what your homestead is upto.

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  2. Homesteading does not leave much time for writing. As someone who naturally lives a very meager lifestyle, I would not know what should be posted in a homesteading blog; but I will say that blogs that show off all the impressive toys that people use to make homesteading easy are a bit odd. Homesteading is not easy, and many of us who do it lack the resources necessary to purchase expensive machinery. Many of us prefer to do it how it used to be done, with minimal influence from modern technology. In my former home, there was no electricity. My computer relied on the cigarette lighter in the 1976 F250. I sent my articles out from a coffee shoppe in town. I think that solar arrays that produce electricity are nice, but producing enough electricity for the sort of lavish lifestyle that many of us try to avoid is rather silly.


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