January Homestead Box

So I am not going to take any pictures of the boxes- but I will list the contents. We have been so happy with the Homestead Box- and they have some amazing useful tools. We learn a new skill every month and add to our collection! Don’t forget to look at my past posts- and you can see all of the great boxes since we have joined! We get the Pioneer box- it is 110 a month- and it includes everything- but there are 2 smaller levels if you don’t want to invest that much either. It is such a nice surprise to get the box in the mail and get to open it and see what theme/surprises are in store.

So here is January’s theme- Tree Care.

This box worked out wonderful for us because we planted some fruit and nut trees in February. We started an orchard somewhat. There is a local farm that does a tree sale every year- and I have been saving and planning to buy a package. So we have 2 peach, 2 pear, 2 fig, 2 apple, 2 plum, 2 pecan, and 1 almond tree. We got those in the ground, and they start as bare root. Right now they are starting to grow leaves and we are oh so happy.

The contents in the package were as follows-

A Fanno 8.5 inch folding saw- 24 inch tree circles, the book How to Prune Trees and Shrubs, Monteray Fruit Tree Spray Plus, Monteray Complete Disease control, Falci Pruning shears, 2 24 inch spiral tree guards-  and Jobes Organic tree spikes.

We are so excited to start an orchard and learn more about pruning and care for trees! So this was a great box, and we really enjoyed this since we were about to start an orchard!

One thought on “January Homestead Box

  1. That concept of maintaining an orchard is overly simplified! It is actually easier than it sounds after you have done it a few times, and one really gets more proficient as the trees grow (so taking care of larger trees is not as daunting as it might would seem to be while maintaining small trees.) As you will find though, it is not something that can be packed neatly into a box. The tools you start with may be with you for a long time; or you may determine that you want to change them as time goes by. (I tend to stick with the basics.)
    Anyway, was the almond one that does not need a pollinator? That is probably all you can get nowadays.


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