The Homestead Box- May 2018

This month’s box came in and was called Garden Pollinators.

This was an interesting box- I am wanting to learn more about flowers- and being able to cut flowers daily for the house. I want to invite more beneficial insects to the yard.

The Easy Care Flower Garden book- 5 pack of seeds (zinnias, sunflowers, Celosia, Basil/Lemon/Cinnamon, Celosia plume) – Green Support Netting- Jumbo Mason Bee kit- Dramm garden scissors- Sharp Shooter Trowel- Dramm Turner Sprinkler

We love the dramm brand, their tools are so well made- and last! You have to invest in some good tools to be able to last and be able to have a frugal homestead. I definitely don’t want to have to replace tools. We are working on getting a garden shed to hold all of the new tools that we have accumulated!

I love getting the boxes every month and can’t wait to see what June brings!

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