Chicken lice…

Violet had caught a huge case of chicken lice. That meant a huge cleanout of the coop, and spreading some diatomaceous earth and some pymethrin dust. The other hens seem to be doing fine, and are dust bathing in the new bath i gave them. This weekend will involve another huge cleanout, and refreshing the bath materials. I also have to check the other girls. In their dust bath, they have wood ash, diotamaceous earth, and a small pymethrin dust mix. 

This was definitely not something i wanted to deal with. And you can’t eradicate them, you just control them. 

Any tips? I pray you don’t ever have to go through that!

Death on the homestead.

Not a great topic, but something everyone has to deal with. 

Violet, my beloved hen has passed. I am sure part of it was from anemia from the chicken lice we happened upon in the coop. I tried as much as i could to nurse her back to health, but it was coming, and she got to live out her days eating treats and did not suffer. I knew it would happen while i was on vacation. I was talking to the hubby one night checking on the homestead and he told me she didn’t make it. 

One of the sad things we have to deal with, but it is life on a farm. It doesn’t mean it’s any easier. 

RIP Violet, she was my most pet like hen!

Chicken Coop Additions

So we had bought a chicken waterer that had nipple waterers on it. The girls did not like it at all- they had a harder time learning how to use it. So while at Tractor Supply I saw the cup waterers. We are going to do a PVC one with the other coop since there is no where to hang one. If there is one thing I worry about with animals- it is water!  There is 2 to a pack, and so we bought 4 to switch out the nipples on the bucket. One of the holes split the bucket- luckily we had another bucket to use! Hubby drilled the holes and we got the bucket ready!


It just involves the girls pecking at it. If it wasn’t summer I would remove the other waterer so they could learn to use the other- but I am paranoid. On the package it states to remove all other water sources- and they will learn quickly how to use it. I think we may have to move it to another spot- and see if they will use it there! Right now it just gets pooped on!


I scrubbed the other smaller waterer and feeders so I can leave some extra when we go on vacation. I do have someone coming to take care of them- but I will worry less if there is more for the babies and the girls to use! Scrubbing these was some work- but I will have to scrub the bigger ones this weekend. I don’t want my girls to have yucky stuff!

DIY- Goat Hay Feeder

Hubby and I have been talking about a hay feeder for the goats, and finally got one built!

Pinterest is where I get all my good ideas y’all! So to whomever originally posted this- thanks! I have to give credit where credit is due- this is not my idea- I just executed it!


Goaties need hay- and they don’t want it wet- or if it has touched the ground! I never knew goats could be so picky- mine are y’all- mine are! I tried to feed them corn on the cobb- they don’t like it. They don’t like strawberry tops either!

To make the feeder- we used an old plastic tote that was warping. It can hold 2 to 3 flakes. We nailed a 2 x 4 piece that we had laying around to the pallet wall- and then screwed the tote on. If you look at the back- it has a little of an angle because I need to be able to place the lid on and off- you don’t want the hay wet!


It took a minute to figure out what it was!


We absolutely love it!

Mini Farm-


Hey, what are you looking at?


So I wholeheartedly believe I am starting a mini farm! I absolutely love my animals! The Golden Comet girls have really come into their color- and they are all 3 different feather patterns- so I am about to name them! The cherry eggers look the same- but they are beautiful- so I may have to color band their legs so I can name them! Be prepared for the list! If you have the same breed and they all look the same- how do you tell them apart? I love the pictures of Spaz and Violet- and then a goatie update! It makes me happy to take their picture! It appears they are photogenic! Help me with some Farm names yall!





New Addition to the Homestead-

See the speckled looking one? That is my rare breed! Any one can tell what it will be?
Look at those colors!
This one is my favorite! What are you doing crazy lady?




Here is what we received in the mail on Wednesday May 10th! I am so excited! I ordered 5 Araucana/Americauna’s, 5 White Jersey Giants, 5 Delawares, and 5 White Cochins. They sent a rare breed chick as well. Sad to say they did fine- but when I woke up on Thursday morning, we found one had passed. I think it was one of my Cana’s, and I am so sad, because that is what I really wanted! We will have to see how this goes! The rare breed is the speckled one- and I am very interested to see what it is! Any guesses? I am also supposed to have all females, so I need more names! I am thinking about buying the color bands so I can tell some of them apart!

I can’t wait to watch these babies grow! I will be posting weekly updates!

Goat Update-

This will be a picture happy post! MJ and Kevin are doing well. They are more lovey and vocal with me when no one is around. We had to do some rearranging in the pen- we added a piece of plywood to the inside of the house- so 3 sides are covered fully and it should leave them a decent amount of dry space. I had to move the non-tippable food bucket to in the dry spot as it was full of mush- and I have picky goats- they won’t eat it!

MJ is pretty funny- she will look up at the leaves on the tree- and mah at me- so I ask her what she wants and she does it again. I love our conversations! I mostly get onto Kevin- he is less than a month younger- but a definite bully!


Chick Update..

As of right now, I am having good luck with my babies. I have 3 Cherry Eggers and 3 Golden Comets. The big girls are quite curious to see them through the fencing. I think next weekend we will try mixing them to see.


They are beautiful- and coming into their colors now. I still have yet to name them, we may soon, but I am waiting to be able to tell a difference between all of them! They look the same!


Violet and Spaz- Violet is more curious about the chicks than Spaz.


We put the babies up at night and let them down- but this morning- this lone Cherry Egger made her way down the ramp. I was worried they wouldn’t learn how to. So I watched all morning- she made her way up and down.


I came back out later and all 6 were down! Let’s just see if they learn to go up at night. We are having some rain and it is chilly so I bet they will since we still have the heat lamp up for them.

So I am taking suggestions for names! Comment and let me know what you think!

Goaties Update.

So after a week, the goaties are doing great! They love to see us come towards them now- because they know we mean food! Although Tooty kind of freaks them out!


MJ used to come let me pet her- but we have taken some back steps, and she has gotten skittish!


Kevin is way more friendly now, and he definitely is all boy! He has a very pushy personality!


They did get a new toy today! They love having the pallets to jump on and off of! They most certainly have played more since we put them in there! And Kevin is sort of a bully when it comes to food and the pallet stand! This has all been observed today! But I can say MJ can hold her own if she wants to!

Chick Update

Some work has been done to prepare for the babies coming in May. The bitties should be able to go in with the big girls when they come. I hope they are big enough! To prepare for that…we have moved the chicken coops closer together, so during the day they have access to each other and they can get used to being close to the babies!


The coops also got moved forward some so the girls have some grass, and we can lay some seed out to grow grass back. We will be adding a run within the next month or so to give them more room, and to be able to block it off to grow grass back. Don’t mind the bag of shavings- I was cleaning coops today also!


The babies have been exposed to ground again, and I have to put them up at night, they should be able to learn to use the ramp soon! They did not want to cooperate for pictures! The big girls are used to it!


Not the greatest picture, but Dixie kept trying to knock me over! She is very needy these days and wants a lot of attention! We have not names the babies yet- but I feel like I need to learn more about their personality some, so we are waiting until they get bigger, and maybe we can tell the difference between them all!

Give me some name suggestions so we can get a list going! I have 6 to name right now! We don’t have any roosters- but maybe we will get one later in the fall. I have to slowly add more!