DIY- Poop Catcher

So safe water for animals is VERY important. We clean out and scrub the waterers for the chickens once a week. I need to deep clean the dog and goat waterer soon- but I digress.

We made the girls the cup bucket waterer so I didn’t have to worry as much about fresh water during the summer- well let’s just say they have a roost above the bucket- and it got covered in poop! OH, and how I worried it got in there- so cleaning the bucket was a must! I scrubbed it out- and the hubby and I made plans to adapt.

We rescued the metal trash can lid from the trash- and hubby drilled a hole and cut the handle- now I have a poop catcher yall! It looks so gross now- but no poop in the water! It will have to get scrubbed soon though!


Weekend Update- July 9th

So we got a lot accomplished this weekend. I worked on Saturday, it was just half a day. When I came home, I checked on the garden and was able to pull some harvest out. This is not a complete picture but it is everything I have right now- we are working on eating and getting ready to can some.

The cucumbers- the banana peppers (squash is from a co-worker, mine is not ready yet)- and pickling cucumbers.

We got the whole burn pile gone- and also trimmed the tree near the garden some so that it gets some more sun. That brush got burned as well. So no more huge pile in my yard- yay!

We did 2 other small projects- those are posts on their own.

We also got the building cleaned out and reorganized. YAY! It still needs a little work- but at least we can walk in there- and we can find what we need. No before and after- sorry!

The babies- well they are not so much babies anymore- so next week we are expanding.

Life is never dull on the homestead! More projects for next weekend!

What to do with cut grass?

So Monday, we had to cut the grass. It was getting long, and we knew it had to be done to do the fireworks, and for the kids. I don’t like it to be kept long because of the bugs especially. Hubby borrowed his dads sweeper so we wouldn’t have grass flakes everywhere. Well what do you do with all of the cut grass? We have 3/4 of an acre, and most of it is grass, it was pretty long, so we had about 3 loads to do something with.

The first load got taken to the chicken pens, the girls freaked when we added it- but learned very quickly what it was. They were very happy after, as I’m sure it had a couple crickets- and yummy bugs as well. We are hoping it will cut down on the mud some- and reseed the area. The next 2 loads got taken to the goat pen to try to regrow the grass in there as well. The last load went into the compost.

This was right after, and I am hoping that it reseeds the ground. It is all dead and brown now- but at least it is in there preventing some more mud.

The goats were a little unsure- and they did not eat it- so that is a good sign!

I will have to let everyone know how well this works!

Chickie Update..

So the babies all have most of their feathers, and are certainly growing more and more every day. They will be needing more room soon! I took pictures of all the babies again this weekend, and am now figuring out coops and coop space.

These are my Aracauna/Americauna’s. I have 5 of them, and I am so dang excited about the Lavender colored one! I can’t wait to see them keep growing and see the different patterns.

I am thinking these are either New Hampshire Reds or Rhode Island Reds, I just can’t remember what was in the cage together when I bought them.

These are my 2 Buff Orpingtons. They are quite feisty too!

These are my White Cochins, there are 5, and they stay dirty! They are the tamest of the bunch so far!

These are my White Jersey Giants, there are 3. They are tamer as well!

These are my Barred Rocks- and they are the weird ones of this bunch. They spaz out when I go to do something in the coop.

This is my rare breed, and now that the feathers have developed, I can try to figure out what it is. I am thinking it is a Dorking. And I can’t tell if it is a male or female- it has no tail feathers yet- and has feathered legs, 5 toes, and the feathers are still growing on it’s head. So if you see something, and can identify let me know!

I am totally loving on these babies! We are trying to handle them more, so they are used to us.

Chicken Update

The total is down to 27 but the rest of the hens seem to be healthy as far as I can tell. We are going to try to handle the babies and handle the girls more so they can get used to us.

The babies are now getting to get outside some. We are figuring out which direction we are going to expand. They all have feathers now, and will need much more room soon!


They have learned fast how to use the ramp!



I will have to try to get some more individual pictures soon! The colors coming in are beautiful!


The Golden Comets are definitely coming into their colors, and the Cherry Eggers are getting some black on them now!


Spaz still runs them off occasionally, but she seems to be not as protective because we only have her left. There is one cherry egger that seems to not be scared, but these girls still flock together!

Chicken lice…

Violet had caught a huge case of chicken lice. That meant a huge cleanout of the coop, and spreading some diatomaceous earth and some pymethrin dust. The other hens seem to be doing fine, and are dust bathing in the new bath i gave them. This weekend will involve another huge cleanout, and refreshing the bath materials. I also have to check the other girls. In their dust bath, they have wood ash, diotamaceous earth, and a small pymethrin dust mix. 

This was definitely not something i wanted to deal with. And you can’t eradicate them, you just control them. 

Any tips? I pray you don’t ever have to go through that!

Death on the homestead.

Not a great topic, but something everyone has to deal with. 

Violet, my beloved hen has passed. I am sure part of it was from anemia from the chicken lice we happened upon in the coop. I tried as much as i could to nurse her back to health, but it was coming, and she got to live out her days eating treats and did not suffer. I knew it would happen while i was on vacation. I was talking to the hubby one night checking on the homestead and he told me she didn’t make it. 

One of the sad things we have to deal with, but it is life on a farm. It doesn’t mean it’s any easier. 

RIP Violet, she was my most pet like hen!

Funny Chicken Story-


I love my girls so much! I love watching them eat bugs, and I am glad they are getting along for the most part!


If you can’t tell they got some watermelon- and this momma needs to clean the coop and give them some grass!

My girls actually make less of a mess with crumbles than pellets.


Growing so fast! My little barred rock is always the one who is curious and comes to me when I open the coop to check on them and refresh the food and water!

wp-1496275828862.jpgThey were a little hot! And I am so glad their feathers are coming in- soon they will get to taste some freedom!

Funny story here- we got home really late one night after going to Tooty’s rehearsal for her dance recital. I was going through the efforts of feeding and refreshing water for all the animals. I looked into the coop and got the egg for the day- and then wondered where my teenage girls were. It was 9 pm, dark and I was working by a head lamp- I happened to look up and all I had was fluffy butt in my face! I am so glad I did not get pooped on- it would have made the story better- but it still would have sucked!


This is how the girls roost at night! And let me say this- they scared the bejeesus out of me!

What kind of chicken is that?

So we took all 20 babies out of the coop- and I took a picture of each one- you will only get to see a few- but I was interested to see what I ended up with since I have sold, added, and couldn’t tell the day old babies apart!

wp-1496094126712.jpgThis is a White Jersey Giant baby- I have 3 of these.

wp-1496094115846.jpgThis is I believe a Rhode Island Red- I have 2 of these gals!

wp-1496094108530.jpgThis is my Buff Orpington- I have 2 of these gals!

wp-1496094099250.jpgThis is my rare breed- it has 5 toes- and a little bit of feathers on it’s legs- I am not too sure which one this is!

wp-1496094092103.jpgThis is a Barred Rock- Tooty wanted it- we have 2 of these gals!

wp-1496094069888.jpgThis is my Aracauna/Americauna- I have 5 of these- and this is the one I definitely want more of! I love having colored eggs!

wp-1496094061209.jpgThis is a White Cochin- I have 5 of these feather friends!


Enjoy! How are your chicks?

Chicken Coop Additions

So we had bought a chicken waterer that had nipple waterers on it. The girls did not like it at all- they had a harder time learning how to use it. So while at Tractor Supply I saw the cup waterers. We are going to do a PVC one with the other coop since there is no where to hang one. If there is one thing I worry about with animals- it is water!  There is 2 to a pack, and so we bought 4 to switch out the nipples on the bucket. One of the holes split the bucket- luckily we had another bucket to use! Hubby drilled the holes and we got the bucket ready!


It just involves the girls pecking at it. If it wasn’t summer I would remove the other waterer so they could learn to use the other- but I am paranoid. On the package it states to remove all other water sources- and they will learn quickly how to use it. I think we may have to move it to another spot- and see if they will use it there! Right now it just gets pooped on!


I scrubbed the other smaller waterer and feeders so I can leave some extra when we go on vacation. I do have someone coming to take care of them- but I will worry less if there is more for the babies and the girls to use! Scrubbing these was some work- but I will have to scrub the bigger ones this weekend. I don’t want my girls to have yucky stuff!