What to do with cut grass?

So Monday, we had to cut the grass. It was getting long, and we knew it had to be done to do the fireworks, and for the kids. I don’t like it to be kept long because of the bugs especially. Hubby borrowed his dads sweeper so we wouldn’t have grass flakes everywhere. Well what do you do with all of the cut grass? We have 3/4 of an acre, and most of it is grass, it was pretty long, so we had about 3 loads to do something with.

The first load got taken to the chicken pens, the girls freaked when we added it- but learned very quickly what it was. They were very happy after, as I’m sure it had a couple crickets- and yummy bugs as well. We are hoping it will cut down on the mud some- and reseed the area. The next 2 loads got taken to the goat pen to try to regrow the grass in there as well. The last load went into the compost.

This was right after, and I am hoping that it reseeds the ground. It is all dead and brown now- but at least it is in there preventing some more mud.

The goats were a little unsure- and they did not eat it- so that is a good sign!

I will have to let everyone know how well this works!

DIY- Compost bin.

One of the first projects we got completed was the compost bin. It sits behind the shed at the back of the property. By the way- that sits about 300 foot or less from the back door.

We are lucky- hubby brings home pallets from work- that would have otherwise gone in the landfill where we work. So all this cost us was the 2- 4 x 4’s. We had screws laying around from various other projects. We will be adding another section next to it. I like the open front so I can turn it. I do use a pitchfork, and it lives by the pile.

Hubby measured out the back pallet- and then we dug the holes with an auger a friend let us borrow. It was much easier than with the shovel- it was rocky- clay soil back there. Once the poles were in- he screw the pallets to the 4 x 4’s. A very easy project!

DIY- Compost bin.


I have been a bad compost mom, not turning or watering as much as I should. Which is why I have potatoes growing on the bottom. I turned it all over today, added the chicken coop shavings from the clean out- and then it rained. I am going to make sure at least once a week, I go turn it. I am sure it needs more turning- but there is a bunch of hay in it, and I believe it needs more of something else as it is not decomposing that well. I asked the girls to add some hay because there wasn’t much at the bottom at all- and they placed a whole bale in it. So of course I had to take some out. See below for my potato evidence! If you have any tips for me- go ahead and share. We really don’t have much food waste to go in right now. I need to figure out what else it needs- besides turning and watering a little more often!

See the potato growth on the left? And also note I didn’t shred the newspaper- my bad! This was before I added coop shavings from where I cleaned it out.