Egg-citing news!

I may make you wait for it- but I just can’t! I am like a little kid opening a gift- I have to tell you the egg-citing news! Our ducks and the younger set of hens are laying! I screamed with joy when I found out!

Saturday I checked the coop- which we really haven’t been able to do- since it has been so dark- and look at the glory I found! I did bust one egg- oops! But shortly after discovering the girls were laying- Sheldon discovered duck eggs!

Some nesting box love- Do you see the light green/light blue! That makes me so egg-cited! I am going to have to freshen up the nesting boxes a little more often in this coop. My Easter Eggers are laying and the Buff Orpingtons as well. I only have 5 Easter Eggers- and 2 Buff’s. That poor Buff pretty much lays anywhere in the coop. Poor gal- so I will be freshening the coop- and I may have to try the golf ball trick to see if I can make sure they lay in the boxes.


The ducks did just lay anywhere- which is still a possibility. But I added some hay to their coop- and look- one made a nest- we are getting 1 egg a day. So I hope that means they will start laying more. I have 3 hens and 3 drakes. I am hoping one eventually will go broody and try to hatch out some babies! SSH- I actually think they heard me talking about if they didn’t start laying soon- they may go to freezer camp! But alas- no worries for now!

The plethora of eggs we have now. And I am loving the colors. We do mark the day on the egg with a pencil so that we can eat the oldest first. I love my egg basket that my momma bought me- it is now coming to great use!

I can’t wait to expand and get more chickens so we can have more different colored eggs!

To what to my wandering eyes should appear…

But a peach tree!


So there has been this little tree growing on our property line, and I kept trying to figure out what it was. Well this weekend the neighbor was mowing his grass and stopped by- we advised him we were about to plant some pecan trees. He told us this was a peach tree, I didn’t even know it had buds! I am so excited and beside myself! How frickan awesome! I am going to have to stabilize it so it will grow straight and mulch, clean up under it a bit. It honestly looked just like a stick in the ground the whole time we lived here! I just left it there to see what would grow, and I am so glad I did! I just wonder how it got there! How awesome!

Garden Update

So here is our garden update. We have started small, and I am slowly getting there, I need some more potting soil to start some more seeds. Here is what we have so far..

I broke down and bought a cherry tomato plant, slicing tomato plant, a summer squash plant, and a cucumber plant. We will see how well they grow! We are trying them in the container garden!


Tooty is so excited, look at all those tomatoes! And we have a cucumber seedling!


This is not a good picture, but you can barely see the basil plant that has sprouted!


What have you been planting or what do you plan on planting?

A little Spring- but some more cold weather..

I was so excited this past weekend- even though we had rain- that it was warmer out. But then..dun dun duh- it got cold again! Blast this cold weather! It needs to decide what it is going to do- and being warmer is my choice.

So the garden plans are still being made- and we have a little work to prepare. We will probably be planting some seeds this weekend. But the bulbs that the girls and I planted in October are blooming! I hope this cold weather does not kill them! I can’t wait to see the rest come in! We are going to be working on that bed this weekend. So enjoy- I can’t wait for the warmth and the pretty flowers and gardening full stream begin!

This bucket has tulips and should have the iris. I can’t wait to see their colors!


This bucket has the tulips and daffodils! How pretty!


Do you have any green or pretty colors in your neck of the woods?

Money Saving Technique..

Hubby and I have been talking about getting a programmable thermostat for the house for awhile now. Part of the issue we have is on some weekends we are gone a lot and then hubby works second shift- so there is only a few hours of the day when someone is not home. For instance- I leave the house with the kids at 6:45 every morning- normally we do not return home until 6 most nights, that is Monday through Friday. Hubby normally leaves at 1 pm and comes home at 2 or 3 am. If we are not home, I do not see the point at keeping the house comfortable like we are home! And I love him to death but he does not remember to adjust the thermostat. So this is a great option- it also has a vacation setting and you can program sleep settings and away settings by location. It will not work if the wifi is not on as far as some of the features, but when you get so far from the house- it goes into away settings automatically. You can program from the unit also- so even if we don’t get the app working correctly- we are going to use the actual unit to program. So we have been looking into saving some money on our heating and cooling bill by having a programmable thermostat. Alabama has some crazy weather- I am not kidding yall! We need heat and air in the same day. For instance the other morning it was 40 or less degrees out so we needed some heat- but then during the day it got up to 70 something- so the air was turned on. It is hard to heat and cool a house when there is such a weird schedule with weird weather.

So this is what we decided on- it was bought and installed on Saturday. Not without some hiccups of course! We have yet to program a schedule to make sure it is working! I will do an update post once we program and can watch the power bill for a month or two to see if it helps!


So don’t mind the paint and holes- in time that will be fixed. The thermostat is smaller than the original that was in the house when we bought it.

Want to hear the funny part? Well it was not really funny when it happened, but it kind of is now. We installed the thermostat and installed the app on our phones. It was working okay at first- although it seemed to get stuck on emergency heat- by the way I have a heat pump. I finally got the mode to change- which I do have a tip for Honeywell- please put a user manual online for access or in the box. It only comes with an installation manual. Well I left for work Monday morning and called Hubby on the lunch break to make sure he was awake- and he told me the house was 75! So he got up and played with the thermostat and did a factory reset to see if he could get it to work. He didn’t get to finish programming the app to his phone- or check it to make sure it was working. Well needless to say when I got home Monday night at 7 from picking the kids up from a friends- it was 78 and it took me forever to get it to cool down. The thermostat had gotten stuck on heat again, so it had not cooled! I tried for over an hour to see what had happened and doing research but wasn’t able to. At least the house was cooling- but when I woke up it was still only 75. We like to sleep in the cool- when its too hot- no one can sleep. So needless to say I woke up and so did Tooty about 5 or 6 times that night. Hubby got home and started looking at the thermostat. After looking at it today and messing with the wires and programming, we finally got it to work. So before you install this- make sure you know what kind of programming you have for yours, and make sure that the wiring is exact that it needs to be as on the unit. We have not gotten the app to reload- and that will be a story for another day, and are making sure the unit is going to work before programming it. But it is a step in the right direction! Learn from our mistakes! I did not order ours from Amazon- we bought it at Lowes- but you can check out some more features here.

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

We have had a fair amount of rain this week- and Lord knows I am not complaining. But it sure does put a hack in my plans because we don’t have an inside work space to build. So it has put a serious halt. Also my whole yard is mud. I will have to show you pictures. We did get a chance to move the chicken coop- my poor girls ended up with mud on them. I wanted to cry- but it gave me a chance this morning to wear my boots. I finally got a pair that I can fit into! I broke down and ordered a pair of Bogs. I ordered a cute pair- but they were out of stock so I picked another pair- and thanks Bogs I got a coupon code since the original ones were out of stock! That is very good customer service.

Let me tell you, I love them so much- here is the pair that I bought on Amazon- I did buy mine direct from Bogs though!

Teal Bogs

Funny story- I was so excited my boots were here on Friday night- I had to open the package and try them on! Let me tell you- do not put them on without socks- my foot got stuck and it was the funniest thing to see me trying to get them off! I almost fell over! But it was a good thing I had them- because when we moved the chicken coop- it was nice to have a pair of shoes I didn’t have to worry about getting muddy- that is their purpose y’all! They fit much better with socks by the way! I did get the taller ones, and I think for my birthday I will ask for a pair of the shorter ones. Just so I can slip them on and off easier. I love having a bright pair too! If you haven’t learned teal, purple and black are my favorite colors!

I endorse buying a pair of Bogs- they came recommended and now I see why! They do carry a bunch of different options- I just got a plain rain boot and I think it may have started an addiction! So feel free to click on my link and order a pair for yourself!

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So we did have some more fun this weekend. I discovered eggs! My girls are laying! Want to hear the funny story behind it? Well- I am going to tell you- I am a bad chicken mom!

This is the awesome tin egg basket my mom got me for my Birthday! I am so glad it can now hold my eggs! And it is purpled, my favorite color! Love it!


Sheldon and I were outside taking down the outside Christmas decorations, watching out for the ant mounds. We are going to have to treat…and I just happened to stop by the coop to talk to the girls. I screeched- and it is unusual for me to screech y’all- and Sheldon and the hubby came running. “Egg- we have an egg!” So of course- it was laying below their ladder to get into the coop, so Sheldon got it out- and we starting checking their boxes to see if there was any more. 8- 8 more lovely eggs in the coop. I should have been a better chicken momma and checked- but I didn’t expect them to lay for at least another month- since we have been having crazy hot/cold snaps. Well I will start checking every day now. I was so excited- I called my friend, and then called my mom- and of course posted it on Facebook. I am so excited for come Spring to get some more chickens!

Our First 9 eggs!

Eggs, tiny little eggs..

Today I went to check on Sunshine’s water and what to my eyes should appear…a tiny little egg at the front of the cage. I squealed in excitement! I heard her this morning calling, and it didn’t register that she may be laying. She hasn’t laid anything since we got her- and she was laying one egg a day- so I figured with the move- and the crazy weather she just wasn’t going to lay for awhile. It was so tiny- and cute- and now I wish I had a male so we could have quail chicks. Although from what I hear- they aren’t good mamas, but we will see.


So I went to get my daughter off the bus since I had stayed home with Tooty as we had to make sure she was fever free for 24 hours (she got sick at school and had to picked up- took a nap and spiked a fever- but after Tylenol and a bath- today she has been fine- no fever and no sick and no stomachache- she said she got hot at school- and yes- my kids throw up when they get too hot)- came back to give her some food and water- and there were 4 more eggs in there. She had moved 3 to the front and had one hid in the back- the oldest egg- so I took them all. She was upset- so we gave her one back- it had a small crushed spot on it- and now she is happy as can be. Do quail get broody? I heard they don’t really. Not like she can have any hatch- we don’t have a male to fertilize.


I am like a giddy school girl because we have little quail eggs- which makes me want more quail soon! If you have any advice- I sure would take it! Sunshine and I have a good bond so far- and I hope to have more quail- she is so pretty! I may get into breeding!

Some thoughts…

What are your goals in Homesteading?

Do you feel like you will never get there? One step forward- four back?

Can I actually quit the rat race and can we do it?

I need to get rid of some clutter.

Can I cut it to be a blogger?

What else can I do to get closer to homesteading?


Crap I need to make a list- I am a list maker of all things. These thoughts have been running through my mind lately. I was really bad at blogging this last week- and I am trying to get better. What do you want to see on the blog? How can I help you? I am thinking about doing a weekly column- or a theme to a few weekly posts. Please let me know what you think- I value feedback! I am not full of knowledge yet- but I am getting there- and if I don’t know I will find the answer. Help a sister out!

Discovery… we have a pear tree!

We discovered something neat a few weeks ago, we have a pear tree on our homestead. One that is already producing and has been here for awhile.  We are still in the planning stages of where I want to put everything and getting ready to add to our homestead.  I have started researching how to prune fruit trees. We are planning on getting some fruit and maybe some nut trees, but I want to do my research before we add some.


Want to hear a funny story about how I discovered I had a pear tree? We were standing outside talking about placement of the kids trampoline and swingset, when I told my husband- We should just cut down that tree and get rid of it. He looks at me and says that’s a fruit tree- I looked at him like he was crazy. So I walked over to it and we discovered it was a pear tree. So needless to say I tried one- it was so sweet and delicious. I am still trying to figure out if it is a canning tree or not. It was sweet, but the pears were harder and didn’t get soft like the ones you buy in the grocery store. But tasted just as good, well better.


And now I want to cry since I had the kids pick a bunch and fill a five gallon bucket up- well this momma had a brain fart and the bucket got left in the rain, so they all rotted. I do share it right now with the squirrels, whom seem to only want to eat one bite, and knock them onto the ground. Next year I will be more prepared to get them and actually can some or make some preserves. My wishlist of supplies is growing.

By the way, if you have some information about what kind of pears and some pruning help- go ahead and contact me. I am always up for learning!