August Seed Shipment


Here is August’s seed shipment. I feel like I need to be in planning mode for next year already!  I can’t wait to plan next years garden now! Expansion is coming!

Thanks Mike the Gardener- I love my little package I get every month! Something to definitely look forward to!

I am a member of the Affiliate program- which means I do get paid a small portion if someone purchases a membership from my site. If you’d like to help my homestead journey, you certainly can click on the link in this post or on the link on my homepage. Thanks in advance if you do!

Garden update – July 29th

The garden is still growing. I need to be a little more diligent in weeding. We’ve been getting a slow harvest this week. Its also located in a spot that retains water, so we are looking at making some improvements next season.

The tomatoes are coming in slow.


I think my cucumber plants are done.


The squash is slowly starting to come back again, i do have some babies on there.


The peppers are slow.

Okra is coming in but slow.


Look at that watermelon plant! I might need to get them off the ground, they look to be rotting.


I am not sure if we will get any pumpkins off the volunteer plant or not.


I am not sure if we will get cantaloupe or not- it is blooming with flowers- but I don’t see any little melons!


The second potato bag is growing, i am going to wait a little longer and add soil so more plants have time to grow.


Potato Bag- Part 1

So I ordered 2 potato bags to try and grow some potatoes. I am pretty sure I made some mistakes- so here it is- we tried to harvest some potatoes- since the rain battered the plants down- they didn’t get to flower. Mistake number one- Make sure the potato plants flower first!


I did start another bag- and placed less potatoes in there- mistake number 2- don’t put a lot of potatoes in there- they end up rotting! So we are going to try this new bag and learn from the mistakes and go a little different!


This was our harvest- most of them rotted! I only got 2 baby purple potatoes, and the reds were disintegrated! The germans seemed to do the best! Learn from the mistakes and work better next time! PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.

Mistake number 3- I added more dirt to cover too soon and didn’t give all the potato plants time to grow.

Let’s see how this next bag grows! I know I planted them late- but we can still see!

Any potato tips for me?

July Seed Shipment


Here is July’s seed shipment. I am so in love with the Forget Me Nots, and eggplant and melon! I can’t wait to plan next years garden now! Expansion is coming!

Thanks Mike the Gardener- I love my little package I get every month! Something to definitely look forward to!

I am a member of the Affiliate program- which means I do get paid a small portion if someone purchases a membership from my site. If you’d like to help my homestead journey, you certainly can click on the link in this post or on the link on my homepage. Thanks in advance if you do!

Garden Update- July 15th

So the garden has halted a little, dare I say. I am praying I don’t have a one time huge harvest- that would be a little much on my weekend homestead. A lot of canning would have to be done on the weekend!


This is the volunteer pumpkin plant. We do have one looking like it is growing- but it also looks to be rotting! I hope we can get a pumpkin or two by October! It is taking over a good part of the yard!

The watermelons are blooming and spreading on the yard! It took me so long to train them to grow this way! I can’t wait for more to grow and so we can eat them up!


The tomatoes are growing very much, the low ones are not doing well- they are rotting from too much water. It looks like they will all bloom at once! Uh oh! But still it takes a lot of tomatoes to make salsa!

The pickling cucumbers and the cucumbers. I think my cucs are waning! I am still getting some, and I hope the pickling cucumbers pick up some more- so I can make plenty of pickles!


I was able to harvest 2 squash- I do have to do some weeding- but I was able to nurse it back to health! Maybe some more squash soon!

Peppers are still growing! I have been putting up the banana peppers to pickle. I did have to place some support on 2 of the plants- the rain has been kicking our butt lately!


The okra is growing tall- but no harvest yet- and it seems the ants are taking over! I need to get them off my plants!


I don’t know if we will get cantaloupe- we will have to see!


The pear tree needs some trimming and love- but it is still blooming- I am hoping to make some jelly!


The harvest from today- some pickling cucumbers- one baby tomato- 2 squash- one cucumber- some more banana peppers- and a pepper! Soon maybe soon!

How does your garden grow?


Weekend Update- July 9th

So we got a lot accomplished this weekend. I worked on Saturday, it was just half a day. When I came home, I checked on the garden and was able to pull some harvest out. This is not a complete picture but it is everything I have right now- we are working on eating and getting ready to can some.

The cucumbers- the banana peppers (squash is from a co-worker, mine is not ready yet)- and pickling cucumbers.

We got the whole burn pile gone- and also trimmed the tree near the garden some so that it gets some more sun. That brush got burned as well. So no more huge pile in my yard- yay!

We did 2 other small projects- those are posts on their own.

We also got the building cleaned out and reorganized. YAY! It still needs a little work- but at least we can walk in there- and we can find what we need. No before and after- sorry!

The babies- well they are not so much babies anymore- so next week we are expanding.

Life is never dull on the homestead! More projects for next weekend!

Garden Update- July 5th

So I forgot to get a picture of the harvest this week. I got some pickling cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and banana peppers. I am hoping I will have enough to pickle the banana peppers and the cucumbers this weekend.

This is the volunteer pumpkin plant. You can see it is starting some blooms. I found them when I picked up the plant to move it, partly to stop it from making more roots, and to move it to point away from my house.


I planted some more potatoes in my second bag. the first is ready to harvest. We will have to see how many I got and evaluate the bag system!

The herbs are doing well. I need to trim my mint back this weekend, it is growing a little wild there. I can’t decide if the green pot is cilantro or parsley? Can you tell? The basil is coming back after I cut it way back- so that is nice!

I think the cherry tomatoes are coming to an end. I only had the one plant- but next year I will have several, it has done great in the pot. The other tomato plant was saved enough to where there is 2 or 3 tomatoes, not ripe yet- but I think that may be all we get from that. The 2 rows are definitely growing better now. I had some plants that fell, and the tomatoes had rotted- so I have to prune those back a little, but there are green buds and growing tomatoes everywhere. I am hoping for a good harvest for salsa, and some to eat.

I still have 2 pickling cucumber plants, and 2 cucumber plants, and the more I harvest- the more they grow. There are new growths everywhere!


I have 3 squash growing, and the plant has come back. It will get sprayed again soon. It seemed to help with the bugs. I am hoping to get some squash this year. I only really need 1 plant as I am the only one that eats it in my family.


The watermelon plants- I have 2 are flourishing. I am going to check for some more buds, and then move the plants just like the pumpkins so I can train them where to grow, and so they don’t root into the ground. Supposedly if they root into the ground- it produces smaller fruit.

The pepper plants are doing great. This is something I will definitely plant more of next year. They are slow producing right now, but I think that it’s because there is a limb covering some of their sun. Plus all the rain we have had is drowning my plants. I see more when the garden is dryer.

The okra is just starting to produce which is making me happy, again like the peppers- it needs some more sun, I think.


This is the cantaloupe plant, and it is slow growing. I am not sure I will get fruit from it or not. We will have to see.

How is your garden? I have a feeling mine is going to pop all at once, and harvest and canning will have to go quick! What have you been harvesting?

Garden Update- June 25th


This was our harvest over the weekend! Yummo! I can’t wait to have more!

Tomato plants- the cherry tomato is doing well, and I have nursed the potted plant back to health. I am going to have to do some pruning on the big plants- I have found blossom end rot, and I need to try to fix it! I don’t really have any tomatoes yet, and I would cry if it ruins all the plants!

Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and Okra…nothing yet on these babies! I don’t think my okra is getting enough sun! We are trimming that tree this weekend. We have had so much rain, everything is squishy, it drys up just a little, and then we get downpours again!

Herbs are doing well! Not sure, I think the first pot is a weed! The second is Cilantro and it is slow growing but still growing, I will take that! The mint is starting to grow, grow, grow! I will need to prune it back and I may try making some extract or tea! I pruned the basil way back and it is still growing very well, which means plenty more Basil later!

I do have 2 Bell Pepper plants, and they are both growing more peppers as we speak. The banana pepper plant took forever to start, but now it is producing left and right! Pickling a small batch this weekend maybe!

My cucumbers are doing great, I should have a bunch for pickling soon I hope, they grow pretty slow too! And I think Hubby may have killed one of the plants when he was cultivating to get the weeds out. It looks a little sad- I was trying to nurse it, but I don’t think it is coming back!


I am hoping that the squash bugs don’t kill my one lone last squash plant, I am diligently checking it daily to make sure it has time to grow!

How does your garden grow?

Garden Update- May 18

This is picture heavy!

We were able to harvest some more tomatoes- we had another one but ate it on the burgers we had over the weekend. I also got some cucumbers- how exciting! Woot!

This is the volunteer pumpkin plant, the cantaloupe plant, the fava beans and their flowers, and the watermelon plants. It looks sad because I am trying to train it to spread into the grass not the tomatoes. Lesson learned, next year better planning! Oops!

All of the tomato plants, I think my potted ones besides the cherry tomato I am going to lose. I have to doctor and baby them back!

These are all cucumber plants, don’t mind the weeds, apparently they spread like everything else while I was gone! I will have to weed it this weekend!

The squash growing in the garden is great, although I do have to treat it this weekend, I can see some squash bugs! I think I may lose the other squash plant! 😦 The okra and peppers are doing great- I have 2 more peppers coming, and some buds on the other plants. The banana peppers are finally growing. I need to fertilize some this weekend.

The mint is doing well, so glad it won’t overpower anything. The basil is getting tall, I am going to harvest some this weekend. I am not sure what the little guy is, and the other one I believe is cilantro. He is growing quite fast now.

How is your garden? What are you harvesting!

One thing I have learned is to prepare a little better! And plan a little better!