Homestead Box- February 2018

This month’s theme for the Homestead box was Seed Starters-

The contents included –

Heirloom Veggie Lovers Seed Collection- 8 pack coconut coir seed starting pots- dial seed sower- green garden twine- Dr. Earth Zone starter fertilizer- dramm watering nozzle- soil PH meter- the Resilient Gardener book- and a Dewitt Seed dibbler

While planting the watering nozzle and the seed starting pots came into handy. We used the seed dibbler which was greatly made- to make our holes- and then used the seed sower to plant carrots- it works really well for small seeds! The funny thing about this box- is I almost bought the seed sower and the PH meter a week before the box came but held off because we weren’t planting just yet! So useful- see some reviews coming up!

Garden Planning-

We are taking down the garden finally. Looking at expanding for next year- and planning a better herb garden and veggie garden. What better time to do that then winter- I am not sure if I will need to order seeds or not- check out my stash! Do you have a stash? I have filled up the tins as well!

October Seed Shipment-

Planning the garden is going to be so hard now!

I absolutely love the new shipment and can’t wait to plan and grow all these amazing heirloom seeds.


We are not planning a fall veggie garden this year, but these will be on the list for next year!

Thanks Mike the Gardener! Check out the Seeds of the Month club if you would like to enjoy it as well!

Save it for later..

So because the weekends are busy, and i am getting accustomed to a different schedule, i have decided to save it for later. We had some nectarines that needed to be preserved, i bagged them and froze them to make jam later. I put up some more peppers and some okra in the freezer as well. When you don’t have time, freeze it, then when winter comes, you can use it! The freezer is filling up fast!

Garden update – July 29th

The garden is still growing. I need to be a little more diligent in weeding. We’ve been getting a slow harvest this week. Its also located in a spot that retains water, so we are looking at making some improvements next season.

The tomatoes are coming in slow.


I think my cucumber plants are done.


The squash is slowly starting to come back again, i do have some babies on there.


The peppers are slow.

Okra is coming in but slow.


Look at that watermelon plant! I might need to get them off the ground, they look to be rotting.


I am not sure if we will get any pumpkins off the volunteer plant or not.


I am not sure if we will get cantaloupe or not- it is blooming with flowers- but I don’t see any little melons!


The second potato bag is growing, i am going to wait a little longer and add soil so more plants have time to grow.


Potato Bag- Part 1

So I ordered 2 potato bags to try and grow some potatoes. I am pretty sure I made some mistakes- so here it is- we tried to harvest some potatoes- since the rain battered the plants down- they didn’t get to flower. Mistake number one- Make sure the potato plants flower first!


I did start another bag- and placed less potatoes in there- mistake number 2- don’t put a lot of potatoes in there- they end up rotting! So we are going to try this new bag and learn from the mistakes and go a little different!


This was our harvest- most of them rotted! I only got 2 baby purple potatoes, and the reds were disintegrated! The germans seemed to do the best! Learn from the mistakes and work better next time! PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.

Mistake number 3- I added more dirt to cover too soon and didn’t give all the potato plants time to grow.

Let’s see how this next bag grows! I know I planted them late- but we can still see!

Any potato tips for me?