It snowed in December-

Before Christmas we got some snow. Now before you make fun of us Southerners- we are not prepared for a lot of snow as we don’t have sand and salt trucks and plows aplenty. They were calling for snow to hit around noon- but it came early- so I got to leave work early- the kids were already home from school that day. We got a good amount of snow- and it was a good amount as in- we were actually able to build snowmen- usually all we get is slush and ice- and it isn’t good for any kind of snow fun!

So enjoy our snow day pictures- and hope the snow they are calling for on today doesn’t shut us down either!

This was earlier on- and the animals, besides Dixie didn’t know what to take of it!

We almost made a whole snow family- the girls had such a blast! Tooty was outside almost all day playing!


This is such a beautiful picture of our house!


Our neighbor was kind enough to make snow cream and share! Boy was it good!


This was average- we haven’t had this much real snow in awhile!

Happy New Year and all that jazz..

We are not missing, November hit and then the busy just got away from me. I am sorry I have not posted in awhile, But I do have some great updates and plans for yall!

See below for our December in pictures- well we will just say that the New Year came in with a bang. I learned from the doctor that I am B12 deficient, so I took a weekly shot for 4 weeks and then asked for the pill since our insurance does not cover the shot. The doctor may be fighting that for me. I am eventually going to a sleep study to see what is going on with my sleep since I am tired and sleepy most of the time, Maybe I won’t have sleep apnea and she can knock me out so I can sleep. Christmas week my gallbladder finally went kaput and I am now in the process of testing to see whether or not it needs to come out. It has been a process, and I hurt every day. I still truck through because no matter how bad you hurt, the animals and family need you.

The girls are back at school and it has been dang cold here in Bama- they are calling for some of the dreaded snow on Tuesday- it has been so cold- as in nights are in the 20’s if not teens upcoming this week. We are dealing with frozen water for the animals- but that solution is coming- I ordered it from Amazon today!

Enjoy some pictures of our holiday and look for some amazing updates on the blog and Hot Mess Homestead this year! Our goals are set and we are hoping to truck along nicely!

20171123_121050.jpgThe cats have been enjoying sleeping with momma at night, and have already killed 2 field mice this year. These are my mouse traps, and as I sit here typing- they are laying at my feet on the end of the bed.

Some Christmas fun, we got a real tree this year and went to see the light show at Shadrack’s again. It has definitely been a busy month!

The animals are doing well- this was before our big freeze- we prepared with new hay for everyone- it becomes a muddy mess around here when it rains!


We celebrated New Year- well me and the hubby did- with turnip green soup and cornbread- this is a new favorite for me! It has black eye peas- the cornbread and greens all what we needed!

We had so much fun picking out our Christmas tree at a local farm. The only problem was the cats wanted to drink water from the tree stand! I had a friend do my hair for ugly Christmas sweater day at work- what a wonderful fun day that was!

I love my new boots- now I don’t have to steal the hubby’s! And the goats enjoyed the remnants of the Christmas tree! The animals are still going great- and we are still getting 1 duck egg a day and anywhere from 10-14 eggs a day from the girls!

These are some new Christmas presents- it was the year of farm gear- I also got a rooster wind chime and some amazing home quilted placemats and some new towels and a dish rack! I was spoiled! My momma and relatives know me! My hubby surprised with me with my bow- it was a late Birthday present- I got my pistol for Christmas. I am so excited to hone in on my skills and go hunting next year!

Plan up for some more posts and updates- I will be doing some garden planning and goal update soon! Hope you have been doing well!

Fall is here..

Fall is definitely here- and by the weather we can tell. Mornings and evenings get chilly but it is still warm during the day. So much to do with so little time- we are cracking down on Winter and need to prepare.  We have had so much going on that it has been hard to get work done. And I believe I have seasonal affective disorder, when the sun starts going away- depression starts to hit in. It has been harder to get things done- I think I am in a funk.


The kids had fun trick or treating for Halloween. We went with friends and had a late start but both of them talked about how much fun they had.

Both my husband and I celebrated birthdays this month. Starting in October we really get hit with the holidays. Tooty had a camp out weekend with Girl Scouts in the middle of the month. She had a great time, so while I was helping Sheldon went to the shooting range with her daddy. They had a great time as well. That was one weekend down. Hubby worked one weekend, and was gone the whole weekend from volunteering at the racetrack for the Talladega Super Speedway race on Sunday, so there went another weekend. It sure has been busy.

I like being busy- but we still have so many projects to be done!

Making the world a better place- one step at a time!

Towards the goal list- I do not buy frozen French fries anymore, we buy potatoes and I fry them up at home! I love them so much better- and the girls eat them- with the skins on! We did burgers and fries for dinner Sunday! I am so happy to have one less box item/premade item in the house!


We are prepping for Easter now. I have to get the shed cleaned out still because that means I can find the rest of my decorations. My mom send me some adorable table stuff! I can not wait to have the table set! I have to clean it off first. It is covered in several project materials right now! My momma spoils me so much! Look at how cute!


Kitchen towels- we don’t use paper towels much! The kids are more dependent on them! I will have to make unpaper towels soon!

Beautiful placemats and cloth napkins- my cloth napkin stash is slowly growing! The plaid is so cute! And it goes well with the adorable bunny and carrot placemats!

Look at that platter, and the spoon rest! Right now the Easter sign is sitting in my kitchen window!

We are slowly making the world a better place- one step at a time! We are making our trash impact go down, and leaning more towards self-sufficiency! Each baby step is progress, and I am proud of the progress we are making!

How are you doing? Or what are you doing to make progress?

Christmas Fun-

We have been enjoying family time. We had a great weekend. It started with Cookies with Santa at our work on Thursday- and I love the picture- it is one of the only ones we have of our whole family recently. Friday the girls did not have daycare and we got off work early at 1- so they got to hang out at work with me for a little bit- while hubby came in (we work at the same place- I go in at 7-7:30 and he comes in at 1:30- he works second shift..)- and then we got to spend some time together- which was awesome!


Christmas Eve, I hosted dinner with the in-laws. I made stuffed shells- Italian is a new tradition- and quick and easy for me to cook. We opened presents with the in-laws, and everyone enjoyed their gifts. I don’t have many pictures because we were just enjoying the time. Christmas Eve day- we opened presents from my mom- she always ships hers. Both my Grandma and my dad send us money/amazon gift cards- so it is always hard to decide what we want to spend it on. I always love seeing what my mom gets us- she does such a great job picking out gifts.  We got to open our Christmas Eve presents- another tradition came down from my family- new pjs to wear that night. The hubby and I got matching pants and the girls both got Star Wars.

Tooty on Christmas Eve- she loves clothes- what 6 year old asks for clothes for Christmas? Mine does!


Sheldon on Christmas Eve- She loves books- and got some classics! We love buying books as gifts too!


Christmas day we woke up and the girls got to open their stockings. That is the rule we had when I was a kid- that we could open stockings before Mom got up- and then we could get Mom up- so we continued that with my girls. They were very excited- Santa did not wrap presents this year- and they both got new bikes. Tooty was so excited- and rode hers all day. I got a necklace from the hubby and I was surprised- he ordered and got it from the mail without me knowing! He took the girls shopping this year and they did a great job. Tooty still needs to learn a little more-she tends to pick what she wants- but she loves to give gifts and with some guidance will do a great job. She did get me a mother- daughter necklace- awesome! I also continued the tradition of a pack of underwear for Christmas- and both girls laughed when they opened them. Sheldon did a great job- I normally have to borrow the large pitcher from a friend- but now I have 2 for when we have people come over!

Sheldon and her bike- we just have to work over her fear- and get her to learn how to ride!


Tooty and her bike- I don’t think she will have the training wheels for long. She is a riding machine! Notice the missing front tooth!

Pre- Christmas Weekend Fun..

The lights this year- Rudolph and Bumble were a day before Christmas add! I found them in the Dollar General clearance. I can’t wait to see what we can add next year.

I couldn’t muster up much energy the weekend before Christmas. I did end up sick- what a bummer. So I mustered enough energy to supervise the girls making their Gingerbread Barns- they turned out so cute! We don’t even eat them- but put it out for the birds/animals in the woods to eat. Then the next day, I mustered up enough energy to supervise putting up the outside lights. This year we started new- not much was bought before hand- but we do add one or two things every year. We lost everything at the other house- and that depresses me- but I love lights- and love decorating for the girls and others to enjoy. I can say the hubby had a great idea to add those little hooks that screw in so we can hang the lights. Yes I may have hooks all down my house- but decorating and undecorating will be so easy! Great idea! So here are some pictures to enjoy…


Sheldon and her barn!
Tooty and her barn! Gotta love the tractor!

And the sickness halts the plans..

We all know sickness has been going around. I have tried to prevent it as much as I could. But it just hit Thursday night. I was so cold that I had to use 3 blankets to get warm and shivered for an hour before I fell asleep. So I got up to go to work- put on my Ugly Christmas Sweater and headed in. I almost fell asleep 4 times at work before I found out the boss would let me go to the doctor. I was trying to make it- but I knew I couldn’t. They worked me in pretty fast- I was only there for an hour and half, and part of that was a breathing treatment. 4 Meds later- which luckily they gave me a coupon for my inhaler so I wouldn’t have to pay for it- and I went home to rest. I fell asleep and still feel like crud. Upper respiratory is kicking my butt. I did get a steroid and antibiotic shot so hopefully in the morning I will feel much better. This weekend we planned on finishing the Quail Coop, putting up the outside lights, baking some cookies, visiting Santa one last time at Bass Pro Shops and finishing shopping. I don’t know how much I will get done. I’m going to take the time and rest so I can be up to par for Christmas so my girls don’t have miserable Mommy.

Here’s to hoping you don’t catch the sickness! What are yall doing this weekend?

Christmas Goodies…

Bless my Mom- she is amazing! We were talking on the phone one night- I live 1200 miles away from all my family y’all- about how I wanted to get some tablecloths and cloth napkins for my table. So for my birthday in October- I received some adorable Halloween kitchen towels, beautiful Fall placemats and 2 sets of matching napkins, a cute pumpkin spoon rest, a cute wooden fabric sign for Halloween, and a set of placemats and napkins for non- holidays. She had so much fun shopping- that I got a surprise package a week ago with some Christmas Goodies. We were talking on the phone about Holidays and trying to figure out what I did and didn’t have, I did mention I didn’t have anything with Santa on it, by the way she had already bought my stuff to send- which is funny. Well she is awesome- I received a cute Santa spoon rest for my stove. I also got beautiful winter placemats, a set of 4 Christmas napkins (which we did talk about how I LOVE gingerbread men),  a set of 4 winter napkins (they remind me of the country), some Winter bathroom hand towels(polar bears y’all!), some Christmas bathroom hand towels(Ho, Ho, Ho in the perfect color to match my monkey bathroom), and an adorable set of kitchen Christmas towels- she already sent the winter Kitchen towels. My Christmas kitchen towels are adorable- kittens with Santa hats and lights wove in between! She spoils me greatly!

I am also attaching a picture of Tooty’s homemade ornaments from school- these always happen to be my favorite. I love the adorable ornaments. I have to write down which ones she made on my list of ornaments so we can keep track of whose is whose. I think when we undecorated the tree this year, we use old popcorn tins to put our ornaments in- I will designate a bin for each girl and then one for the hubs and I. What is your favorite ornament?

Not sure why it is flipped sideways- and I can not figure out how to edit. Sheldon has a few matching ones!


My Christmas Napkin, Winter Napkin, and you can’t see the detail really good on the placemats- they are red and soft with gold snowflakes that sparkle with the embroidery!

Sunday Funday..

Well Sunday started out like any good ol’ weekend day. It ended quite miraculous actually. I woke up to go ahead and get some laundry and cleaning done, while the hubs was helping his father with something. He didn’t get home until later in the afternoon- so plans changed a bit. We went to the Walmart- I prefer if I didn’t have to- but I needed some things for a project, and of course came out with way more because I had the kids and the hubby. We got some more gloves for Sheldon to donate to the Veteran’s Home with her Beta Club project. I asked her about the KKid’s project, and apparently only she and one other child donated skid proof socks for the nursing home. I did buy myself another pair of gloves, because somehow I don’t have any, and can’t seem to find them anywhere. I also picked up a few Christmas gifts.  A bunch of money later and we came home to unload before going back out in the car.

We did see some people we know in Walmart- which is a funny story about how Tooty found out where we were going. We were headed to the drive through for dinner at Milo’s. We don’t get to eat there very often- Milo’s is expensive. I had told Tooty to be good we were going to a surprise after we had gotten supper. She said, “I know we are going to see lights.” I looked at hubby and said, “YOU told her??” He looked at me and said, “No.” Then she proceeded to say, “I heard Finch say it.” Both hubby and I busted out laughing. Finch is the hubby’s boss, and she happened to be with hubby when he was talking with him in Walmart. So there you have it, the kid has ears!

But on to the wonderful night- We went to Shadrack’s Light Show at the Birmingham Race Course. You do have to pay to get in- but it is totally worth it. I got a few pictures and a video to share- the big theme was the 12 days of Christmas, and let me tell you it is awesome. We tuned in to the station they request- as they have the lights timed to the music. I felt like a little kid again. So see some of our pics below- and if you are in the area- I encourage you to go. We love seeing beautiful lights, and getting to watch light shows!

Two turtle doves, and Three French Hens- of course- I loved the French Hens!
Part of the Fours Birds Calling, Look at the owl!
I think this was my favorite part- Jesus is the reason for the season y’all!

Holiday fun from yesterday.

Yesterday was a day filled with some fun. We had a Girl Scout Breakfast with Santa event. The girls had a blast. Sheldon dressed up as an elf to help at the event. We got to sit with Santa and have a great breakfast, color some pictures, make an ornament, and they got to play some great games. I didn’t take as many photos as I’d like, but we were enjoying the time spent together.

We went to a friends house to visit in between our next event. We drive every year in the Moody Christmas Parade for the fire department. Tooty had so much fun telling people Merry Christmas over the mic. She threw some candy but it was more fun to talk I guess. My arm is sore from throwing candy out the window. Sheldon walked the whole parade with the Girl Scouts and passed out candy. I did give her our Halloween candy so it wouldn’t still be sitting here. We don’t do candy a lot, normally I have to find someone to take it. Again, I didn’t take many pictures as we were having fun. I did do a good deed after the parade, a man was holding 2 horses waiting on his trailer. One of the horses was getting antsy, so I decided to go see if he needed any help. He refused, but I think that just talking to him made the time pass and he didn’t seem as agitated. We were going to get ready to leave but some jerk honked their horn and a fire truck sounded their horn. I don’t think they knew the horses were there but still, we decided to stay until the trailer came. One was black and the other was white. They were beautiful, and I did give them a peppermint and now my new work jacket/jacket smells like horses. The sad thing is I was very excited as a work jacket is supposed to smell like the “farm.”

Here is a glimpse of our day yesterday- Please enjoy!

Sheldon, Tooty and I with Santa, he was awesome!
Tooty and her ornament we made.
Fun and Games playing- make a snowman. Sheldon is the taller elf.
Playing snowball relay with the other kids.
Hubby and Tooty getting ready to drive in the parade.
Sheldon’s Girl Scout float getting ready to walk down the parade route.