Vacations are fun but..

It was great to have a vacation but i sure miss home. I love my animals and missed them so much, but i do feel more relaxed slightly.

Heres some more photos to enjoy… glad to be back home.

The zoo was small but amazing! Right after this picture we had to make a mad dash to the car, it downpoured!!

Im so glad for the memories!! And i got to spend time with my mom!!

Brief hiatus..

So i know i have not posted in awhile. We took a vacation, which was much needed for me. I miss my mini farm and worried about the status. Right now i am posting from my phone. Let me share some awesome pics, we are not home yet, but the hubby is taking care of everything i am sure. 

It is so peaceful, and i love the beach. Its been on and off again rain so we are trying to enjoy what we can and when.

Me and tooty on the USS Alabama, this was an interesting trip. Hubby and Sheldon enjoyed it the most I’m sure!

We went to Fort Morgan and walked around. It is very interesting and the girls had fun. 

Gotta go shopping right?

We have ate at some great places and i am enjoying eating seafood every night for dinner!

Until next time!

Mini Farm-


Hey, what are you looking at?


So I wholeheartedly believe I am starting a mini farm! I absolutely love my animals! The Golden Comet girls have really come into their color- and they are all 3 different feather patterns- so I am about to name them! The cherry eggers look the same- but they are beautiful- so I may have to color band their legs so I can name them! Be prepared for the list! If you have the same breed and they all look the same- how do you tell them apart? I love the pictures of Spaz and Violet- and then a goatie update! It makes me happy to take their picture! It appears they are photogenic! Help me with some Farm names yall!





The beginnings…

We planted some seeds this past weekend. I am hoping to plant some more this weekend. This was just the beginning. I am late on the bandwagon, but we are hopping along!


This is my strawberry plant. We bought a package that is supposed to have 10 seedlings in it- but they were all bunched up- and I couldn’t tell one root from another. So if you have any tips to separate them, now is a good time! I have planted it in hopes once they grow, I can separate them further.


My mom had bought my girls these seed starters- so we planted them- and I can’t wait to see them grow, so we can strategically place them. Save the bugs my friends! The one on the left is chamomile, and the one on the right is purple coneflower.


We also have some basil started in it’s own little greenhouse. If it all sprouts, I will have plants to share with friends!


This is Tooty’s planter, she picked up from Walmart one time. We have sweet peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. I am hoping these do well for her sake!

I will be sure to keep everyone updated with the progress. Talking about progress, here is some updated pictures of our bulbs we planted. Gorgeous!!

New Coop Update.

We moved the coop this weekend. It took both hubby and I and Sheldon to get it moved. I like the placement now- because I can sit on my back porch and watch the girls.


The girls are loving having more room- and they did lay an egg- so I know it didn’t traumatize them too much!

So enjoy some pictures of the fluffy butts in their new coop!




Spring is almost here.. yay!

The weather is becoming warmer- but then again we still have a few weeks of maybe coldish weather. This is Alabama yall! But this weekend I checked on the bulbs that the girls and I planted in October. They have started, and I am so excited. I can not wait to show yall more!


Don’t mind the mess, this will become my herb bed, and it has some cleaning out that needs to be done. I am hoping we have some good weather this next weekend so I can spend some time cleaning this bed. It is a mess! But look at those bulbs- we planted tulips, daffodils, and iris! I don’t know what we planted in which bucket- but we love surprises! Seeing the green makes me happy! It means spring is almost here!

Have you been noticing the little pops of green? It sure does brighten your day!

Weekend fun-

This weekend was semi-productive. I was happy to spend part of Saturday at my friend’s house. I am completely in love with MJ! By the way- that is the baby goat. I totally think I need her in my life! Just spending some time with her made my day- I love animal cuddles! By the way- it looks horrible in this picture but I cut and died my hair last weekend and absolutely love it! So enjoy!

Isn’t MJ so cute? She is growing too! In 2 weeks she is almost half the size of her momma!
Mj was hugging me! Oh I am in love!


I did replant my aloe pot. I bought an aloe plant at Lowes one day and I felt bad- I knew it needed a new pot- so of course I repotted it this weekend. It looks a little sad and it is not growing much- any tips welcome! Help a sister out!

It sits in my kitchen window! I think it may need more sun though!


We got the quail coop finished! Yay! The post was made before this one.

I also purchased some more canning jars- preparing for the future! I had coupons yall! I couldn’t resist- besides they had coupons for the blue jars! Awesomeness!

Don’t mind my messy table! I have to find a place to store my things!

Weekend fun on the homestead..

This weekend was a good weekend. I needed a sanity day after a hectic week at work so Saturday we went over a friends house, and hung out for most of the day. They have goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, a male quail, and bees. Well I was sad to sit that most of the bees died, so they are going to have to get a new nuc. The turkeys kill me- as I was walking down the length of their pen- the females just sat and talked away. And I did have fun gobbling at Jake- the male. I am sad to sad I did not take any pictures, but I do enjoy going to hang out with my homesteading friends. We have so much in common- and our children get along well. We always have a lot of fun when we get together!

See MJ- she was born January 2nd. I did happen to tell the hubby I need this in my life. But we did agree that I can not bring any animals home until a proper home is built/established. So I guess baby goaties are not in my future right now. They have 3 goats- now 4- MJ (the baby), Emmy (who may be kidding soon), AJ, and Millie. Millie is the momma and AJ is the daddy. AJ is a jerk y’all. I seriously don’t know if I want a male goat, he is not people friendly.  So enjoy this picture- the one I did get of me and MJ, I seriously need this in my life y’all.

MJ looks like she is smiling y’all!

Christmas Fun-

We have been enjoying family time. We had a great weekend. It started with Cookies with Santa at our work on Thursday- and I love the picture- it is one of the only ones we have of our whole family recently. Friday the girls did not have daycare and we got off work early at 1- so they got to hang out at work with me for a little bit- while hubby came in (we work at the same place- I go in at 7-7:30 and he comes in at 1:30- he works second shift..)- and then we got to spend some time together- which was awesome!


Christmas Eve, I hosted dinner with the in-laws. I made stuffed shells- Italian is a new tradition- and quick and easy for me to cook. We opened presents with the in-laws, and everyone enjoyed their gifts. I don’t have many pictures because we were just enjoying the time. Christmas Eve day- we opened presents from my mom- she always ships hers. Both my Grandma and my dad send us money/amazon gift cards- so it is always hard to decide what we want to spend it on. I always love seeing what my mom gets us- she does such a great job picking out gifts.  We got to open our Christmas Eve presents- another tradition came down from my family- new pjs to wear that night. The hubby and I got matching pants and the girls both got Star Wars.

Tooty on Christmas Eve- she loves clothes- what 6 year old asks for clothes for Christmas? Mine does!


Sheldon on Christmas Eve- She loves books- and got some classics! We love buying books as gifts too!


Christmas day we woke up and the girls got to open their stockings. That is the rule we had when I was a kid- that we could open stockings before Mom got up- and then we could get Mom up- so we continued that with my girls. They were very excited- Santa did not wrap presents this year- and they both got new bikes. Tooty was so excited- and rode hers all day. I got a necklace from the hubby and I was surprised- he ordered and got it from the mail without me knowing! He took the girls shopping this year and they did a great job. Tooty still needs to learn a little more-she tends to pick what she wants- but she loves to give gifts and with some guidance will do a great job. She did get me a mother- daughter necklace- awesome! I also continued the tradition of a pack of underwear for Christmas- and both girls laughed when they opened them. Sheldon did a great job- I normally have to borrow the large pitcher from a friend- but now I have 2 for when we have people come over!

Sheldon and her bike- we just have to work over her fear- and get her to learn how to ride!


Tooty and her bike- I don’t think she will have the training wheels for long. She is a riding machine! Notice the missing front tooth!

Sunday Funday..

Well Sunday started out like any good ol’ weekend day. It ended quite miraculous actually. I woke up to go ahead and get some laundry and cleaning done, while the hubs was helping his father with something. He didn’t get home until later in the afternoon- so plans changed a bit. We went to the Walmart- I prefer if I didn’t have to- but I needed some things for a project, and of course came out with way more because I had the kids and the hubby. We got some more gloves for Sheldon to donate to the Veteran’s Home with her Beta Club project. I asked her about the KKid’s project, and apparently only she and one other child donated skid proof socks for the nursing home. I did buy myself another pair of gloves, because somehow I don’t have any, and can’t seem to find them anywhere. I also picked up a few Christmas gifts.  A bunch of money later and we came home to unload before going back out in the car.

We did see some people we know in Walmart- which is a funny story about how Tooty found out where we were going. We were headed to the drive through for dinner at Milo’s. We don’t get to eat there very often- Milo’s is expensive. I had told Tooty to be good we were going to a surprise after we had gotten supper. She said, “I know we are going to see lights.” I looked at hubby and said, “YOU told her??” He looked at me and said, “No.” Then she proceeded to say, “I heard Finch say it.” Both hubby and I busted out laughing. Finch is the hubby’s boss, and she happened to be with hubby when he was talking with him in Walmart. So there you have it, the kid has ears!

But on to the wonderful night- We went to Shadrack’s Light Show at the Birmingham Race Course. You do have to pay to get in- but it is totally worth it. I got a few pictures and a video to share- the big theme was the 12 days of Christmas, and let me tell you it is awesome. We tuned in to the station they request- as they have the lights timed to the music. I felt like a little kid again. So see some of our pics below- and if you are in the area- I encourage you to go. We love seeing beautiful lights, and getting to watch light shows!

Two turtle doves, and Three French Hens- of course- I loved the French Hens!
Part of the Fours Birds Calling, Look at the owl!
I think this was my favorite part- Jesus is the reason for the season y’all!