Happy New Year and all that jazz..

We are not missing, November hit and then the busy just got away from me. I am sorry I have not posted in awhile, But I do have some great updates and plans for yall!

See below for our December in pictures- well we will just say that the New Year came in with a bang. I learned from the doctor that I am B12 deficient, so I took a weekly shot for 4 weeks and then asked for the pill since our insurance does not cover the shot. The doctor may be fighting that for me. I am eventually going to a sleep study to see what is going on with my sleep since I am tired and sleepy most of the time, Maybe I won’t have sleep apnea and she can knock me out so I can sleep. Christmas week my gallbladder finally went kaput and I am now in the process of testing to see whether or not it needs to come out. It has been a process, and I hurt every day. I still truck through because no matter how bad you hurt, the animals and family need you.

The girls are back at school and it has been dang cold here in Bama- they are calling for some of the dreaded snow on Tuesday- it has been so cold- as in nights are in the 20’s if not teens upcoming this week. We are dealing with frozen water for the animals- but that solution is coming- I ordered it from Amazon today!

Enjoy some pictures of our holiday and look for some amazing updates on the blog and Hot Mess Homestead this year! Our goals are set and we are hoping to truck along nicely!

20171123_121050.jpgThe cats have been enjoying sleeping with momma at night, and have already killed 2 field mice this year. These are my mouse traps, and as I sit here typing- they are laying at my feet on the end of the bed.

Some Christmas fun, we got a real tree this year and went to see the light show at Shadrack’s again. It has definitely been a busy month!

The animals are doing well- this was before our big freeze- we prepared with new hay for everyone- it becomes a muddy mess around here when it rains!


We celebrated New Year- well me and the hubby did- with turnip green soup and cornbread- this is a new favorite for me! It has black eye peas- the cornbread and greens all what we needed!

We had so much fun picking out our Christmas tree at a local farm. The only problem was the cats wanted to drink water from the tree stand! I had a friend do my hair for ugly Christmas sweater day at work- what a wonderful fun day that was!

I love my new boots- now I don’t have to steal the hubby’s! And the goats enjoyed the remnants of the Christmas tree! The animals are still going great- and we are still getting 1 duck egg a day and anywhere from 10-14 eggs a day from the girls!

These are some new Christmas presents- it was the year of farm gear- I also got a rooster wind chime and some amazing home quilted placemats and some new towels and a dish rack! I was spoiled! My momma and relatives know me! My hubby surprised with me with my bow- it was a late Birthday present- I got my pistol for Christmas. I am so excited to hone in on my skills and go hunting next year!

Plan up for some more posts and updates- I will be doing some garden planning and goal update soon! Hope you have been doing well!

New Addition to the Homestead-

See the speckled looking one? That is my rare breed! Any one can tell what it will be?
Look at those colors!
This one is my favorite! What are you doing crazy lady?




Here is what we received in the mail on Wednesday May 10th! I am so excited! I ordered 5 Araucana/Americauna’s, 5 White Jersey Giants, 5 Delawares, and 5 White Cochins. They sent a rare breed chick as well. Sad to say they did fine- but when I woke up on Thursday morning, we found one had passed. I think it was one of my Cana’s, and I am so sad, because that is what I really wanted! We will have to see how this goes! The rare breed is the speckled one- and I am very interested to see what it is! Any guesses? I am also supposed to have all females, so I need more names! I am thinking about buying the color bands so I can tell some of them apart!

I can’t wait to watch these babies grow! I will be posting weekly updates!

Weekend fun..

It was a big weekend for us. Saturday I went to a Pink Zebra rally with a friend from work. I ended up signing up to become a distributor- I love their products! While there- I was entered to win a free kit for signing up that day! I won! That told me it was a sign I am supposed to be a distributor. If you want to check the stuff out- Pink Zebra Site. They have some amazing scents and beautiful shades for their warmers. My whole house smells amazing- and I can’t wait to see what this journey brings!

After having a nice time without kids- this momma needed it! Don’t get me wrong I love my kids- but I definitely needed some me time! Hubby and I started working on a goat pen for some goats. Post on that to come later. We got the goat home done.

Sunday Funday- was picking up our goat pair, and celebrating Sheldon’s birthday. I have an 11 year old y’all. We had a busy weekend, and it won’t get any slower! I love being busy right now!

So how did your weekend go? Enjoy our pictures!

Sheldon’s Birthday cake!
Mj and Kevin- the new addition to the homestead!
Tooty surprised me- she has taken up with the kids!
If you can’t tell her- she loves her some babies!
The bitties are getting so big!
They are roosting now!
This is Kevin- he was born in February.
This is MJ, she was born in January.

Coop Update- Chicks!

So the big news is I ordered some chicks from a hatchery- they will be here around May 8- but I ordered them so I could get the breeds I want. Right now Alabama is on a lock down of sorts because of the Avian Flu. But we can still purchase from a hatchery or a store- or someone who is NPIP certified. I went to Tractor Supply to get some things for the big girls, and they had chicks. I was going to get some bantams- but they had a couple that looked a little down, so I decided not to. Then took a trip to one of the local co-ops and they just had Golden Comets- well they own another co-op in another town that has more chicks, so went there. Needless to say- I am now a proud mama of 3 Cherry Eggers, and 3 Golden Comets. They are pullets, and I can’t wait to watch them grow, and see how my girls react. They were with my in-laws for a portion of Spring Break, so they don’t know about them just yet! More updates to follow-



I will have to show you the actual brooder part later. I have to finish it. It is so hot out that they can use the sun. And they definitely spark Dixie’s interest. I have to keep reminding her they are babies! But she doesn’t like when I mess with Spaz or Violet either. Since we can’t tell the difference, we may wait on naming these, until they get a little bigger!

New Coop Update.

We moved the coop this weekend. It took both hubby and I and Sheldon to get it moved. I like the placement now- because I can sit on my back porch and watch the girls.


The girls are loving having more room- and they did lay an egg- so I know it didn’t traumatize them too much!

So enjoy some pictures of the fluffy butts in their new coop!




Chicken Coop What?

So the plan was to get a carport from a piece of property my in- laws were selling…but that didn’t happen. SOOO….

Hello Tractor Supply- thanks to my friend and the hubby who both saw the coop and thought I would fall in love- heck I love my chickens so why wouldn’t I fall in love with another coop!

Saturday we went to LOOK at the coop- well LOOK being the key word- nope Momma got her another coop! We do have to move them- but that is a post for another day!

Here she is- in all her glory- it was the floor model and we had to take the nesting boxes off the sides to get it out the door. It was in the store yall!


I can stand in this one- well almost all the way- I am pretty much 6 feet tall- and there is so much more room for the girls. (Side Note- I am not getting rid of the other coop- it has plans also!) There is only 4 nesting boxes, but they share anyways. I do want to make another roost in the actual coop part it isn’t really high. But I am so in love. I placed the nesting boxes back and screwed everything in while hubby was helping little brother return the trailer. Stay tuned for some more exciting news!

DIY- Quail Coop

So the quail coop finally got finished this weekend. I have decided once we design and build the actual coop I want- this will become a sick bay/chick hut/what ever I need it for.

Hubby thinks it isn’t good work- but it wasn’t planned and we threw it together. The only thing we actually bought was the fencing and the plywood for the top. We still have to seal the top, but the rest of it came from pallets and scrap wood we have laying around.

Poor sunshine does not know what to do. I am hoping to be able to get some more now that we have a proper place built. See pictures below. Comments and suggestions welcome!



Weekend fun on the homestead..

This weekend was a good weekend. I needed a sanity day after a hectic week at work so Saturday we went over a friends house, and hung out for most of the day. They have goats, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, a male quail, and bees. Well I was sad to sit that most of the bees died, so they are going to have to get a new nuc. The turkeys kill me- as I was walking down the length of their pen- the females just sat and talked away. And I did have fun gobbling at Jake- the male. I am sad to sad I did not take any pictures, but I do enjoy going to hang out with my homesteading friends. We have so much in common- and our children get along well. We always have a lot of fun when we get together!

See MJ- she was born January 2nd. I did happen to tell the hubby I need this in my life. But we did agree that I can not bring any animals home until a proper home is built/established. So I guess baby goaties are not in my future right now. They have 3 goats- now 4- MJ (the baby), Emmy (who may be kidding soon), AJ, and Millie. Millie is the momma and AJ is the daddy. AJ is a jerk y’all. I seriously don’t know if I want a male goat, he is not people friendly.¬† So enjoy this picture- the one I did get of me and MJ, I seriously need this in my life y’all.

MJ looks like she is smiling y’all!

An addition to the family..

We gained an addition to the family- a beautiful Texas A & M Quail. She was supposed to go to a friend’s house as they already have a male Coturnix Quail. But on the way home, Sheldon decided she wanted to keep her. Her name is Sunshine. She has become another one of my favorites, and I can not wait until Spring to find some more to have more quail. She has lived a pretty lonely life by herself- and has had trouble before with another group- so I am hoping by bringing in babies- they won’t beat her up!


I have a lot to learn about Quail- and her and I have come to terms. Quail like to fly- unlike chickens- so needless to say – the first time Sheldon went to give her water- she flew the coop. Luckily Dixie didn’t chase her- and we did get her back in the box. She and I have an agreement- when I feed and water her- she stays at the back of the box.

My first recommendation is that you build the house before you bring home an animal. We are still working on the coop- and I feel so bad that she doesn’t have a bigger home right now- but it works for her- she doesn’t mind. I do¬†though! Pictures of the coop we built to come later- but for now here is our beauty! (I keep trying to call her a Dove!)


Chicken Update

The girls are getting so big- and I so enjoy going out and talking to them! They both have such different personalities and are certainly growing into some good looking girls! They are not teenagers anymore! Not sure but we may almost be ready for eggs! They have already molted- and I felt so bad! It looked like something had gotten them- until they came down from the coop- and I saw the loose fluffy butt feathers. They enjoyed what was left of a veggie plate from Tooty’s birthday- and enjoyed smashed pumpkin parts from Halloween!

Violet’s fluffy butt- and Spaz- she cracks me up!