Sunshine- Quail

My poor little Sunshine is still lonely I think. We still have her- and once I get another brooder built- I will be getting some baby quail- even if it means ordering them- or having to hatch my own. She stopped laying for awhile- so we had to nail an old comforter on the coop- and she is laying again. I am not sure if it was my cats in the window- or the A/C unit freaking her out. But she does better now. I have to clean her coop- and if I have learned a tip from the chickens- I will add the baby quail when they are almost as big as her. It tends to work better that way. We will get to that journey when we reach it.


I am doing some more research to give her a more natural habitat, and make improvements.

DIY- Quail Coop

So the quail coop finally got finished this weekend. I have decided once we design and build the actual coop I want- this will become a sick bay/chick hut/what ever I need it for.

Hubby thinks it isn’t good work- but it wasn’t planned and we threw it together. The only thing we actually bought was the fencing and the plywood for the top. We still have to seal the top, but the rest of it came from pallets and scrap wood we have laying around.

Poor sunshine does not know what to do. I am hoping to be able to get some more now that we have a proper place built. See pictures below. Comments and suggestions welcome!



My Quirky Quail..


We have been getting about an egg every other day. Female Quail do make noises. Normally it is around 6 am when she starts calling. The only thing I can think is that, that is when she lays. I am hopeful to get her actual coop finished soon, so we can get some more in the Spring. I have learned, she likes her fresh water. Right now I don’t have a regular waterer, because she is still in her “cage,” but she doesn’t try to get out anymore. I thought she was going to last night because I was putting her water in there, but she just wanted water.

She usually rolls her eggs up front to the cage, if I don’t get them in a timely manner, she rolls them back and buries them in her “nest.” It is pretty funny actually. I think Sunshine and I have come to an understanding.¬† She is picky when I give her some extra seed , and I am not sure why, but she flings her food and her seed everywhere. Ie: as soon as I put it in there, she is flinging it. I am hoping next weekend we can have the coop done so I can put her in there, but she may stop laying. It took her awhile to start laying again, she was laying an egg a day from our friend’s house. So I am hoping this doesn’t disturb her more. I wish I had a male and some more females in hopes that we could have our own. I want to breed them.

I have been learning as we go on this Quail journey. Quail are kind of disgusting- she gets poop and seed in her water every day. Once she has the coop- I am going to see if we put the waterer like the chickens have if that will make a difference. In Spring, I am sure we will learn more. So I will keep you updated.

A list of projects..

I expect yall to keep me on task with my goals! Right now, the weather has put a halt on projects. The much needed rain Alabama needed is here. But these are my goals for the next 2 or 3 months.


  1. Finish the quail coop. (So we can move Sunshine into a proper home. Plan is to get at least 6 more girls and one male so we can have babies.)
  2. Set up the rain barrel. (This should have been done already- but no biggie because we would have had to drain it soon so it wouldn’t freeze- and any tips on helping it not freeze would be helpful.)
  3. Rearrange the compost pile and finish the other bin for it.
  4. Make the plans for my bigger chicken coop. ( Plan is to get at least 6 more chickens, and 2 roosters, I may be separating the girls so I can eventually sell eggs or babies with their breed specific.)
  5. Clean out the shed- and reorganize it. (So I can store more things in there.)
  6. Help my mother-in-law get the shed and little house cleaned out. (Which means going through and decluttering some of our things- which may mean I find the rest of my Christmas decorations!)
  7. Make the herb planters.
  8. Plan out the garden.
  9. Order the fruit tree package from a local farm- they normally have a sale in January.
  10. Work on building a backdrop for the girls and us to shoot, whether it be arrows or bullets- we are going to try to practice.

I am sure this list will grow bigger as some things get checked off- and as the weather changes so we have more things to do. Do you have any plans for the next few months while the weather is cool and there is not much to do?

Eggs, tiny little eggs..

Today I went to check on Sunshine’s water and what to my eyes should appear…a tiny little egg at the front of the cage. I squealed in excitement! I heard her this morning calling, and it didn’t register that she may be laying. She hasn’t laid anything since we got her- and she was laying one egg a day- so I figured with the move- and the crazy weather she just wasn’t going to lay for awhile. It was so tiny- and cute- and now I wish I had a male so we could have quail chicks. Although from what I hear- they aren’t good mamas, but we will see.


So I went to get my daughter off the bus since I had stayed home with Tooty as we had to make sure she was fever free for 24 hours (she got sick at school and had to picked up- took a nap and spiked a fever- but after Tylenol and a bath- today she has been fine- no fever and no sick and no stomachache- she said she got hot at school- and yes- my kids throw up when they get too hot)- came back to give her some food and water- and there were 4 more eggs in there. She had moved 3 to the front and had one hid in the back- the oldest egg- so I took them all. She was upset- so we gave her one back- it had a small crushed spot on it- and now she is happy as can be. Do quail get broody? I heard they don’t really. Not like she can have any hatch- we don’t have a male to fertilize.


I am like a giddy school girl because we have little quail eggs- which makes me want more quail soon! If you have any advice- I sure would take it! Sunshine and I have a good bond so far- and I hope to have more quail- she is so pretty! I may get into breeding!

An addition to the family..

We gained an addition to the family- a beautiful Texas A & M Quail. She was supposed to go to a friend’s house as they already have a male Coturnix Quail. But on the way home, Sheldon decided she wanted to keep her. Her name is Sunshine. She has become another one of my favorites, and I can not wait until Spring to find some more to have more quail. She has lived a pretty lonely life by herself- and has had trouble before with another group- so I am hoping by bringing in babies- they won’t beat her up!


I have a lot to learn about Quail- and her and I have come to terms. Quail like to fly- unlike chickens- so needless to say – the first time Sheldon went to give her water- she flew the coop. Luckily Dixie didn’t chase her- and we did get her back in the box. She and I have an agreement- when I feed and water her- she stays at the back of the box.

My first recommendation is that you build the house before you bring home an animal. We are still working on the coop- and I feel so bad that she doesn’t have a bigger home right now- but it works for her- she doesn’t mind. I do¬†though! Pictures of the coop we built to come later- but for now here is our beauty! (I keep trying to call her a Dove!)