Garden Update

So here is our garden update. We have started small, and I am slowly getting there, I need some more potting soil to start some more seeds. Here is what we have so far..

I broke down and bought a cherry tomato plant, slicing tomato plant, a summer squash plant, and a cucumber plant. We will see how well they grow! We are trying them in the container garden!


Tooty is so excited, look at all those tomatoes! And we have a cucumber seedling!


This is not a good picture, but you can barely see the basil plant that has sprouted!


What have you been planting or what do you plan on planting?

Book Review- Homesteading From Scratch

Homesteading From Scratch is a book I have halfway been through. I skimmed the other half- in areas that do not apply right now. It is definitely an excellent read and reads through nicely. There is some beautiful pictures, and the tips are outlined in brown boxes throughout the whole book.

The books topics are in separate sections, getting started, farming, dollars and sense, learning to love the fiber arts, home production and lifestyles.

Getting started goes from what is homesteading (defining it for you), self sufficiency and skills, and the importance of food.

Farming goes into how to farm, where to get land, animal husbandry and record keeping.

Dollars and Sense labels out business plan, financing and marketing.

Learning to love the fiber arts covers the importance of fiber, fiber animals, crafting with fiber.

Home production topics range from canning, dairy, fermentation, eggs and the basics of baking.

Lifestyles goes from children, community and marking time.

This book covers all topics, is a quick read and lays everything out nicely. I would recommend this for anyone, especially starting out. It covers all topics for homesteading and is chock full of information.

Skills… another list to be made.

After going round and round… I have decided I need to make a list of skills we would love to have! So that means I can consistently learn and have a goal to reach towards. I do know how to crochet slightly, and Sheldon does also. So I think we will start making time to up our skills. Sheldon is very good at watching youtube and crocheting and making things. But I do need to advance my skills. I can make a square, but I forget how to finish it off, mostly I just work on how tight I am, I have no consistency with my stiches. But I do want to make the egg apron out of yarn! So that is a goal for right now, to work on the skills so I can eventually make one!

I do know how to sew and I prefer to sew by hand. Sheldon has a sewing machine, I need to learn how to repair/use it. I can use a sewing machine but can’t change the bobbin or anything. She is slowing working on her sewing skills. I need to work with her more. I have some awesome projects in mind!

Poor Tooty gets left out because her hands are so small, she gets frustrated and she has no attention span right now at 6.

Sheldon and I are slowing working on a project for Tooty. She wanted to start it, but she can’t do the work. I can’t wait until it is done, Sheldon is having fun with it.


I am very crafty, and I love painting. I just don’t take the time to do it. I like working with my hands- although I think I am getting carpal tunnel from work- so please pray that is not the case! So here is to more working with the hands, and doing something crafty/useful and skill building with my spare time. (Do people really have spare time? Time management is on the skill list! I need to work on that part bad!)

So I will be making a list of skills we are working on, and as I work I will post the projects. I am a list person, so I am making the list now. And a home made Christmas may be in our future this year!

What skills do you have? It doesn’t have to be just crafting! What have you made lately?

The beginnings…

We planted some seeds this past weekend. I am hoping to plant some more this weekend. This was just the beginning. I am late on the bandwagon, but we are hopping along!


This is my strawberry plant. We bought a package that is supposed to have 10 seedlings in it- but they were all bunched up- and I couldn’t tell one root from another. So if you have any tips to separate them, now is a good time! I have planted it in hopes once they grow, I can separate them further.


My mom had bought my girls these seed starters- so we planted them- and I can’t wait to see them grow, so we can strategically place them. Save the bugs my friends! The one on the left is chamomile, and the one on the right is purple coneflower.


We also have some basil started in it’s own little greenhouse. If it all sprouts, I will have plants to share with friends!


This is Tooty’s planter, she picked up from Walmart one time. We have sweet peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. I am hoping these do well for her sake!

I will be sure to keep everyone updated with the progress. Talking about progress, here is some updated pictures of our bulbs we planted. Gorgeous!!

She can cook?

So if you know me lately, you know I have not been cooking much. And I have gotten into a little of a slump with that. But…I did buy a neat menu planner with detachable weekly grocery list. I know it is a little of a waste of paper- but for right now- this is what I need. Once I get back into the swing of cooking much more- I will get a more economical/earth friendly version.

I did happen to get up and make eggs and biscuits on Saturday morning. We had thawed some ribs for dinner- and I had made some homemade fries. Well I made fries because I had apparently let my potatoes sprout in the pantry.

Sheldon learned how to make banana bread and it turned out amazing! We are pretty resourceful this weekend. Using up some bananas and potatoes!


A little Spring- but some more cold weather..

I was so excited this past weekend- even though we had rain- that it was warmer out. But then..dun dun duh- it got cold again! Blast this cold weather! It needs to decide what it is going to do- and being warmer is my choice.

So the garden plans are still being made- and we have a little work to prepare. We will probably be planting some seeds this weekend. But the bulbs that the girls and I planted in October are blooming! I hope this cold weather does not kill them! I can’t wait to see the rest come in! We are going to be working on that bed this weekend. So enjoy- I can’t wait for the warmth and the pretty flowers and gardening full stream begin!

This bucket has tulips and should have the iris. I can’t wait to see their colors!


This bucket has the tulips and daffodils! How pretty!


Do you have any green or pretty colors in your neck of the woods?

You’re Beautiful…


Now before you go laughing at my monkeys! I love them- to each his own! I love having a fun bathroom. And I swear our life is full of monkey antics! Most of our friends and family laughter because we picked out this bathroom set for a gift when we got married- but some loved it too! Because it is just like me to have something fun- oh and has animals. If you know me- you know I love animals! I always have. So the point of this post is the new vinyl I placed on the mirror. I want everyone who looks in our mirror to know we think they are beautiful! I don’t want my girls to grow up thinking otherwise. I think we all need a reminder, and I love the fact that everyone who uses my bathroom can use the lift too!

So if you need a lift- just look in the mirror and know YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!

New Coop Update.

We moved the coop this weekend. It took both hubby and I and Sheldon to get it moved. I like the placement now- because I can sit on my back porch and watch the girls.


The girls are loving having more room- and they did lay an egg- so I know it didn’t traumatize them too much!

So enjoy some pictures of the fluffy butts in their new coop!




Weekend Madness…

Hey! How did your weekend go? We had a pretty busy one. But I did enjoy that we got some things crossed off the list! Who doesn’t enjoy that? So if you read my post here, you know what kind of excitement we had. We measured the roof this weekend and priced materials. Looking at ordering materials within the week so we can have them at the house and get some friends together to get a new roof on. They are calling for more rain in the next week or so, and I am not sure when we can get that done. We will have to see! Until then, we just have to keep on trucking!

We got our new grill set up, and I don’t even have any meat to cook on it.  So sad, so the grocery list has been made! We have been looking at this grill for 2 years now, so I am glad we were finally able to get one! I like propane, hubby likes charcoal. And we like having a smoker- because well- who doesn’t love some smoked BBQ!


We got some of the grass seed out- I have to water it again, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow. We have to move the barn coop- and then I can put grass seed on that!


We got the coop moved- post to follow! It was small tasks that got completed- but at least it still makes you feel accomplished!

How was your weekend? Did you get anything checked off the list? Or was it just a relaxing weekend? Don’t forget the time changed on today- so if you are in the Daylight Savings Zone- spring forward! It totally threw me off today! I do enjoy having more daylight in the evenings though!

Being a homeowner…

Being a homeowner sucks sometimes. Its not all pretty and things happen and break. Forward to my story…

We had just walked in the door after a long day at work..and it has been rough. Its been raining. Cue the crappy mood. Its about to get worse. Its 6 pm and im thinking what am i going to eat for dinner…when i hear sheldon say “mom, you’re going to want to see this…” i think crap what did the cats do while we were gone. Cats didn’t do it this time. I turn the corner to see part of our ceiling fell in and there was a huge hole! Cue cuss words.. I’m ashamed to admit i made a sailor proud. So i call the hubby to come home and fix it. So now we are looking at not only putting a new roof on the house, but fixing the ceiling and the floor where apparently water had been leaking. The joys of homeownership yall!

Mess on the ruined floor after i swept some up. It was all soaking wet.

Here is the lovely hole.

Cue temporary fix for now while we price and plan.

Most if my projects are now put on hold!

How are yall? By the way don’t forget to turn clocks back one hour this weekend. That is if you observe daylight savings.